When i quit college forever …….

by Baba

I left my college from September 2008. I was admitted on grade XI at Kathmandu University. Kathmandu University is known as best University in my country (Nepal). My father admitted me there by hoping that i will study well in science stream. Well, obviously dad was most worried at the time when i returned back home leaving the college. His worry was for nothing else than my future.


Reason of leaving college

I was not interested in studying. I was interesting in computer and websites and used to spend my maximum time using computer rather than studying. I was always first till grade 10 and i never wanted to be second. I was sure that i won’t even pass the exam so i decided to quit. However, the main reason is i was not interested. If i was interested the i would surely study and then score good marks LOL LOL

Days in College

I used to gossip always ! Yaaa .. Sitting at last seat at gossiping with friends about new features of computer and political issues. I wanted them to have attention on me and was successful. The proof is they contact me still and i hear that they talk about me every week ! What can i expect more than this ?

Something about Assignments and classwork

I remember doing few assignments in first days of my college. After that i never did any assignments or classwork. Wonderfully, i was never in trouble due to luck ??? eee also with the help of my friend. Actually i used to work on computer till late night and there used to be no time for doing assignments. In class, i already that i used to gossip.

You may be wondering about punctuality. Here it goes ..

90% Unpunctual ! I went regularly in time and stayed till last hour for the first three weeks. Then after i knew the system and started being unpunctual. There was a time when i was absent for 18 days regularly. LOL But i used to attend the lecture of strict teacher. I never missed his class for 5 months ! He was wired. I always talked about his behavior with friends. One day i finally decided to bunk his lecture also. I bunked regularly 2 lectures. When i attended i was little afraid but other friends were afraid much more than me and they were really excited to see what he will do with me. What happened is the roll number before me ( Mine was 98 and the role 97) was also absent on last lecture. Teacher started treating him. He missed me LOL LOL … It was damm funny moment.

At last

Ahh..just do in what you are interested. You will enjoy working if you are interested. Else, you will always have to hard work. If you do that on what your interest is then you will enjoy working , and , yes and people will say/believe that you are working hard … WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED ?


Comments are welcome as always !

Note : Please suggest me best title for this ! ” When i quit college forever ” doesn’t sound good ?

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Tajim February 6, 2010 at 5:08 pm

Dropped Out of College! Hhhmmm.

You seem to be on track to make it among the riches of Internet.

Work hard now, u sure know that you can’t make a dime on net without working hard.



Parade Child March 20, 2010 at 3:39 pm

I wonder why most of the freelancers’ stories often resemble,especially when it comes to study. Well, after going through your blog, i have no words to say as same is the case here. The only thing that makes a difference is that i still attend my college, at least 3 classes but my results are still as simple and easy as ZERO in almost subjects I attend and don’t, of course. After all, i always loved cleanliness and never wanted to spoil that clean piece of exam paper by messing unwanted yet not-in-mind stuffs onto them. 😛 anyway, what i think so far is what it matters a lot is money and money. so why to bother studying if you’re not interested and have something else interesting to engaged with. Best of luck mate! I believe you are already on your way to success towards a beautiful yet fruitful career. God bless you!


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