Bought Intel Core i7 with MSI X58 Board

by Baba

Hello Guys, I just bought Intel Core i7 2.66 GHZ with MSI X58 board and Samsung T220 monitor. Its really cool combination !

Here Goes My Current PC Combination :

Intel Core i7 Processor
MSI X85 Gaming Series Board
4GB DDP3 Ram
500G Segamet HDD
HP DVD R/w 25x
Samsung T220 Monitor
Logitech Multimedia Keybord + Mouse set
Himstar 5.1 Sound System
There is graphics card attached of MSI
Server casing of Goldkist

I am really pleased with the performance with the PC.Thinking deeply the set was too high for me. I never need to do any movie edition type of work. It would have cost me about half less if i had bought Quard processor. But i really wanted to use it and test how will be the core processor. I hope i need not buy another PC for next 3 years at least ! LOL ..

I watched a movie to test the screen and sound system. Wow ! It was almost like a home theater ! Mostly i am busy with internet but i love much to watch movie. Generally, i watch a movie daily. Well, lets talk about the Intel Core i7 more. People say that Quard and core i7 doesn’t show any difference unless we use it for movie edition and that is correct. If you are very tallent in singing but you have never done any performance in public then people will surely think common to you when you are walking on street with them. Ooo, anyways, core i7 will surely give you better performance.

What about my old PC ?

i was using P4 computer till now. It was working fine with me since i have to work with internet mostly. But the problem was it was slow. I was getting bored day by day. One day it stopped automatically and then after it started shutting down automatically. Well, its repaired today and now i will have to transfer all my files and setting to new one but i don’t know how can i do it. I will google the ways and use DVDs to transfer. I hope all bookmarks also can be trasfered. Installed software will create problem i guess. I have to think of some idea.
It will be used by My dad ! LOL LOL ! It is with T190 Monitor and its cool one !

Comments are welcome as always !

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