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Getting to know Baba Pandey (Coolest Guy on the Planet)

Hello everyone! Please allow me to introduce myself….

My name is Baba Pandey. I’m from Nepal, and I’m one of the most passionate and enthusiastic young men you’ll ever meet. I have discovered a career in Search Engine Optimization and I’m well on my way to becoming one of the world’s foremost SEO experts (SEO Nepal.)  I’m completely devoted to learning everything there is to know about how search engines work and how to make them work for my own websites and for the websites of the companies who hire me to get them noticed online. I am currently working at Paper Frog Media, a premium search engine optimization company in Maryland.

Besides my passion for SEO, there are lots of other things in life that I love:

  •       My MOM & Dad
  •       Movies
  •       FUN
  •       Cool girls…pretty girls, nice girls, fun girls
  •       Bollywood music from the 1940s to the present
  •       Swimming


Some of the things I love have become addictions for me:

  •       INTERNET
  •       Bollywood News
  •       Premium Whiskey and Beer (just kidding…kind of)
  •       Hollywood

Le me paragliding at pokhara ... Le me paragliding at pokhara …

About my Ego

I’ve been told that I have an enormous ego. I just call it an abundance of self-confidence. I really don’t have a perfect explanation for the size of my ego, but I have found that it really helps me to achieve the goals I set for myself. I believe that I can succeed, so I succeed.

Goals List

Everyone has dreams, right? I’ve decided that I will make my dreams even bigger than mere wishes and turn them into goals I plan to achieve in my life.

I am working to become a millionaire before I am 25 years old.

I will spend time in meditation in the Great  Himalayas of Nepal.

Less serious but still important goals…..

Work out until I have six-pack abs.

Get contacts or laser surgery so I can get rid of these f****** glasses!!

Drink and gamble heavily in Vegas.

So how did I get into SEO and Internet Marketing?

My whole life I’ve had a fascination with figuring out how things work. Since I was a child I was really into electronics and computers. I used to open up radios to see what’s cooking inside. When I got a computer I started playing the game “Stronghold Crusader” and in no time at all I had completed all levels and beat the game without help or guidance from anyone.

Back then, life itself was a game for a kid like me. I had no worries… My parents were earning well and I hadn’t even begun to think about how to provide for myself as an adult. Then things started to get a little tougher. I was sent to college for higher education and my allowance didn’t let me buy the things I wanted.

That’s when I started wondering…”How long until I will have the money for things I want?”

I was a decent student but I just didn’t want to listen to the teachers. I didn’t want to endure years of study and stressing over grades before I could even get a degree. And I definitely did not like the idea of working under a BOSS. I guess I really don’t like someone else telling me what to do all the time.

So… I had a bright idea! I took the money my parents sent me to pay college fees and used it to buy a mobile and a laptop…and I started surfing the internet, looking for ways to make money online.

Not as easy as I thought it would be…

I was NOT an overnight success story. Those first few years I was putting in a lot of hard work and seeing very little return. In the beginning I was working as much as 18 hours every day on PTC (Paid to Click) sites… but no one ever paid!! LOL! Then I researched how to start your own website,  created a site on free domain and started publishing web pages. I downloaded tons of software, played around with some porn sites and got my laptop infected with viruses.


Three years later…

I finally figured out that you need to register your own domain name and build a website. I registered babapandey.com and started building free websites with things like free music downloads and free wallpaper. (You can see more on the Archives of this domain.) I wasn’t earning a penny until I stukmbled onto digital point forums and got a forum posting job. My first paycheck was $2.25 and I was thrilled! But I built up relations with clients via the forum, working hard and learning a lot.

What makes me an SEO Expert?

What makes anyone an expert in their field? Experience. Study. Trial and error. And ultimately – SUCCESS!

The reason I know that I can make other websites successful and increase their online traffic is because I’ve done it myself. I love experimenting with new strategies and concepts on my own websites before I implement them on my clients’ websites. This idea didn’t work? No problem! Do it again a different and better way. I have studied the search engines, I know how they work and I know how to make them work for YOUR WEBSITE!

Aren’t I just the Coolest Guy on the Planet?

My ego rears its head again! But really, I am cool. At least, I’m cool in my own eyes and my SEO clients think I’m cool too.

But really, I think we all need to believe we are cool, that we can succeed at whatever we attempt. I’m really not an arrogant person – hey! I think you are cool too! Maybe not as cool as the coolest guy on the planet, but I think a little self-confidence goes a long way and if you believe in yourself you’ll find success. So… you are cool, I’m cool, superstar Rajnikant is cool… we’re all cool!

Cool Icons


Dr. Yesudas (Jab Deep Jale Aana http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovhrc9WAN0k   and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ycykz61mCs  watch these 2 videos and you will know what i mean)



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