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Last updated on October 30th, 2012 at 11:29 am

You have probably already heard the phrase “Content is King”. In order to get your website ranked, you need a lot of high quality and unique content. The problem is that purchasing a lot of quality content can be very expensive – you’re going to need quality content for your money sites, many support sites, guest posts, etc.

Internet marketers have already found a solution to this problem – it’s called article spinning. Article spinning, in short, means adding synonyms to each word and phrase in the original article. Once every word of the original article has a list of suitable synonyms, all you have to do is generate unique versions of your article. The main problem of manual article spinning is the fact that it takes a lot of time – sometimes even more than manually rewriting each article and making unique versions out of it. Internet marketers have found a solution for that as well – it’s called automated spinning. Auto spinning has a great disadvantage, though. Software usually can’t understand the actual meaning of the text, and the generated articles are often unreadable. It can, however, produce a large number of original articles with a click of a button.

However, guys from the Spin Rewriter team claim their software can actually understand the text and automatically create unique spun articles that are 100% readable. In this review, I will investigate their claims.

Click here to visit the Spin Rewriter website.

When I first came across Spin Rewriter, I’ve noticed that it’s not the cheapest article spinner available. I have signed up for a free account with them, which means I got a 5-day free trial that is followed by the $27/month subscription. I was absolutely certain the 5-day free trial will be enough to see if Spin Rewriter is worth my money or not.

Right off the bat I’ve noticed that Spin Rewriter is web-based which is a great advantage for me, because I use many computers and it takes time to install the traditional software product on all of them. The risk of incompatibility with Linux and Mac OS is also reduced to a minimum – I’ve tried it, and Spin Rewriter works perfectly with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

[quote style=”1″]Every time you log in, you’ll see a welcome screen where you can select what you want to do.  [/quote]

I clicked the “Rewrite your articles!” option, of course. I saw a screen where I was able to insert my original text. To make things more difficult for Spin Rewriter, I’ve used a random PLR article from one of the many PLR packs I have. After inserting my article, I was offered 3 main choices – I decided to go with the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option where Spin Rewriter automatically spins the entire article for you. In the next step, I was able to generate unique articles. I generated 1000s of unique articles in less than 3 or 4 minutes – I spent most of the time waiting for Spin Rewriter to do its work, entirely on its own.

There’s also the “One-Click Rewrite” option that automatically adds synonyms to all words and phrases, with one significant difference. Before your article is finalized (ready to export), you can manually edit/add those synonyms. And finally, the third option is to add all synonyms manually, by highlighting each word or phrase.

I’ve spent most of my time playing with the “One-Click Rewrite” option. I really liked the fact that I can select how risky I feel – if I want to be 100% sure the generated unique articles are readable in the end, I can select the “low-risk” settings. This way, only the most trusted synonyms are used. Most of the time people supposedly use the “medium-risk” settings which produce very good results, however some synonyms are not always 100% appropriate. If you only want to have unique content and you don’t think many people will be reading it, you can also use the “high-risk” settings where Spin Rewriter will use practically all possible synonyms. Articles that are generated this way won’t be very readable, but they will be 100% unique.

After 5 days of testing Spin Rewriter, I’ve found many advantages:


– Spin Rewriter is web-based.

–  Spin Rewriter really understands the meaning of each word – it’s able to distinguish among similar words in different contexts (“book” a hotel room, vs. read an interesting “book”).

– The “One-Click Rewrite” function works really well, and the generated articles are 100%readable and completely unique.

– It’s constantly learning from its users and it seems to adapt to each individual user. If you don’t believe that a selected synonym is appropriate, you can always delete it. Spin Rewriter will remember your decision and won’t offer it any more. If many users delete the same synonym, Spin Rewriter will remove it from the trusted synonyms list and will only use it with the “high-risk” settings.

– User interface is very easy to use and they have a great video tutorial for beginners.

– They give 5 (or was it even more?) great bonuses when you sign up. I’ve been on their mailing list for less than a month and I’ve received 2 more bonuses since then – Aaron (the guy behind Spin Rewriter) seems to be a really decent guy with his customers’ best interest at heart.

Click here to read more about Spin Rewriter on their official website.

How about the disadvantages?

There aren’t many, but here is what I’ve noticed:

– Spinning can take more than a minute for each article (with the most demanding settings).

– They have an API limit of 100 requests a day, which is not enough for the largest businesses.

– At the moment of speaking, the original article length is limited to 4,000 words. They have promised to increase it soon.

Now it’s time for the final question. Is it worth replacing TBS (The Best Spinner) with Spin Rewriter? And the answer is – absolutely. I am able to trust Spin Rewriter’s One-Click Rewrite option and I don’t have to spend an hour or more removing all the inappropriate synonyms after I use it. And, it costs $27/month or $198/year. I was lucky to get the 70% discount on the yearly subscription and I’ve purchased it immediately after my trial ran out – this way I got it for $59.10, and Spin Rewriter is definitely worth much more than that.

Visit the Spin Rewriter official website to see their current discounts (is it still 70%?).

I believe Spin Rewriter is a must for every serious internet marketer. If you don’t believe me, simply visit their website and start your own “no strings attached” 5-day trial. You will quickly see that Spin Rewriter is worth your time, and your money.

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