Last updated on March 17th, 2013 at 04:11 am

Got any sites/Products and want me to write a review on it ?

Note Few Points :

I will write what i feel about it truly. 100% Honest. I will be happy telling your product site is SPAM/Useless if i feel like 🙂 Of course, i will write good if you deserve

My English is not A-Grade. However, the review published will be in A-Grade English coz editors will pay special attention while editing it ! You are paying for it so i don’t wanna give you a shit review article.

You will have to contact me to get a review. I am not here to collect dollars from review and you will have to propose a offer to me while contacting. If you are volunteer/non-profitable organization or promoting product that is not oriented to earn money then i will be happy writing a free review. If you are promoting business stuffs then you should be happy offering me good 🙂