How Your Website Can Attract Your Ideal Customer


Last updated on March 12th, 2024 at 06:37 pm

Most of your sales and marketing efforts are targeted toward your ideal customer. This is the customer who is most likely to buy your product or service. An ideal customer takes into account age, income level and other factors. If you know who this customer is and market to them, your sales can grow tremendously. Your best tool for marketing is your company’s website.

Identify the ideal customer

Your business first needs to identify the ideal customer. To illustrate this process, assume that you sell mountain bikes. Look for characteristics that your customers have in common.

After some research, you determine that your most frequent clients are males in the 25 to 50 year old age range. They are middle to upper income professionals. This group does most of their riding on the weekends. Your ideal customers often take vacations and trips to mountain bike.


Targeting your customers

Entrepreneur magazine provides some great tips on targeting your ideal customer:

  • Where do customers find you? If your customer is looking for information on mountain bikes, where do they go? Do they look at industry magazines or websites? Are they doing web searches primarily on mobile devices? Your firm needs to have a presence wherever your bike customers are looking.
  • What do they need? In addition to buying a bike, your ideal customer may need help with repairs and maintenance. Maybe they can’t change a flat on the back tire. A customer may also need advice on the proper seat height before they start riding. If you can address these needs, you can gain customer loyalty.
  • Communicate well: When your customer finds you, what do they find? If they see an ad in an outdoor sports magazine, does the ad get their attention? It’s almost certain that interested people will eventually go to your website. In fact, your website may be the most important tool that you use to communicate with your clients.

Creating a great website

Just about all companies have a website, but many sites are poorly designed. Here are some tips to improve your website for your ideal customers:

  • Web hosting company: You need a good web hosting company for your site. A hosting company maintains the pages of your site and ensures that the website stays online. Bluehost Web hosting explains that a new web hosting company can migrate your website from another host. You might consider this step, if a new hosting company can provide better service.
  • Use an attractive publishing platform: WordPress is a great publishing platform for websites. Over 20% of all sites on the web use WordPress. This web tool allows you to choose a theme. The theme provides fonts, colors and layout options for you. This means that you don’t have to build the look of your site from scratch.
  • Focus on mobile: A majority of site views now take place using a mobile device. Make sure your site looks great when accessed from a mobile phone. Fortunately, WordPress themes are designed for mobile views. Your site’s fonts, type size and layout should be easy to see on a mobile phone.

Use these website tips to create a compelling look that viewers will love. Your website can entice customers to look for more information about you, and eventually buy your product or service. These ideas can help you attract your ideal customer.


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