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by Baba

Most of the consumers use search engines to look for information online. These days sites get 70 to 80% of their traffic from search engines. So SEO or Search Engine Optimizaion has become a significant part of an investment for establishing an online presence. The higher the search engine ranking, the more will be the traffic. To get the better ranking, sites should be deseigned and developed according to search engine standards. Ypu will come across many companies out there claimign to offer the best seo services, but one needs to tread here a bit cautiously. Using the wrong methods of search engine optimization can lead to penalties from major search engines.

Hire professionals like Silverback SEO for all your SEO needs. Make sure the company you hire understands your SEO objectives, the Target Market Analysis as well as the Competitor’s Analysis. The aim ahoudl be  to achieve the best in terms of ranking on all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN.

Being an experts in SEO means more than just spitting out repeated techniques. With the ever changing web technologies, one ends to redefine their strategies, be an innovator along with a creative mastermind. Find an SEO Strategist who eats, sleeps, breathes and eats SEARCH. He should understand the business of their clients & provide the right solutions according to that. Instead of being a provider, they go beyond that & work as a partner to build long lasting relationships. As one cannot get the SEO results in one go & it’s an ongoing process, they understand the changes required time to time to get good rankings.

The biggest issue in SEO is getting penalties. If someone uses illegal methods to get the best rankings, major search engines can set a penalty on your site. Google uses the 30, 60, 90 penalties which means your website will come on the page according to your penalty like on the 30th page, 60th page, etc.

When seeking SEO services, make sure you get the following services:

  • Research and analysis of keywords
  • Advice for site content
  • Analysis for competitors
  • Different kinds of related reports
  • Alt & Meta tags advice
  • Proper keywords for business
  • Strategies for link building
  • Optimizing the site
  • Submissions to directories & search engines


Research and analysis of keywords

As keywords are the main component of a search engine optimization, the users try to search  keywords for a specific business. The selection of proper keyword is important to move them to our site & increase traffic. Make sure you  find and use  the appropriate kewords relevant to the business or services you are promoting.

Advice for content

In SEO, the content of the site is a key factor. By modifying the content, one can improve the ranking. But it’s not the only factor & excess of content can have adverse impact on ranking. An SEOexpert  will offer the guidance on how to change the content of the site & use the keywords in content. So if some one searches for these keywords, search engines can find them in the website content & can hence improve the ranking.

Competitors reports

Experts in SEO  can help you in getting the reports like what keywords others are using running the same kind of business like you have. What is their ranking, what are the key features of their optimization to get the good rankings. So you will get all the information needed to compete in the online market with rivals or your competitiors.

Meta tags

As one part of SEO deals with using the meta tags in your website which helps the search engines to find your site,  make sue of proper meta tags & how to use them in your website. The other method is using these keywords & meta tags as Alt in the links.

Link building

As the search engines rank the sites according to the external links refering to websites, the more the external linking to the site, more will be the ranking. Get help of SEO professionals  to help you in the field of link building. They will provide the reference links to your site which will helps in improving the ranking.

Optimizing the website

As the search engines change their strategies time to time, it’s important to optimize the site according to their standards. Like using the “div” structure instead of “tables” in website. Just keep  track of all these changes & helps the websites to optimize them according to the latest search engine standards.

Submission to search engines

All the search engines use their own methods to give ranking to the sites, one of them is using indexing from all the sites registered with these search engines. According to the sites registered, they check site usage & combining with other factors provides the ranking. Register your site  to these search engines & use various tricks which are required to get better rankings.

You can find the complete listings of search engines here.

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Laxman Subedi December 17, 2011 at 4:33 am

hello sir i wnt to do internet job from ktm.plz guide


Shashank Bhattarai November 25, 2012 at 9:06 am

Hello Mr.baba going through SEO for much better in past 2 years i am thinking too to provide seo services to people i want to ask if would you use software to SEO ??? If so then can u provide me the software u r using or u can contact me through facebook at my username shushankhya.Really seeking for help


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