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As an Internet Marketer, it is a dream to have ‘Front Page Rankings’ on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. You may have also spent hours or days trying to Try Market Samurai For Free!optimize these search engines. But all of us know that optimizing search engines is easier said than done.  Optimizing ‘Search Engines’ in a way that you get maximum possible footfall on your website is what most of the internet marketers obsess with. To achieve that, most marketers look at certain keywords that they think will get visitors to their website. Even if you get some visitors by doing that, have you ever wondered if these visitors are relevant to your website? Have you ever also wondered if the same visitors may prefer your competitor’s website? Finally, are those visitors of any commercial value to you? If you are still wondering, then “Market Samurai’’ can address your needs for Internet Marketing.

With the help of this ‘Traffic Hunting Warrior’, you get more visitors with miniscule efforts. This is achieved by discovering the ‘best keywords’through an in depth analysis. Additionally, it also makes use of the analysis of your competitor’s site with keyword analysis. Now, this requires only minutes, not days or months that you may have been spending aspiring to popularize your website.

The “Market Samurai’’ your search engine optimization warrior’ works on four fundamental principles. These principles areRelevancy, Traffic, Competition and Commerciality. As an experienced Marketer, you must already know that if you lose track of any of these fundamentals and you cannot be doing successful Internet Marketing.

From getting  you ‘Front Page Rankings’ to roping in your first visitors that can lead to a subsequent sale, following modules that ‘Market Samurai’ follows can help you hit the nail with  accuracy and precision. Currently, there are eight modules that you can explore. Each of these modules have much more to analyse than you will probably end up doing. But you will get heads up on what can make sense to you and your business from this market samurai review. Once you download the ‘Market Samurai’ software, you have eight modules that can help you analyse the information as well as facilitate you to take next steps. There are eight modules in the current version of this software which are Keyword Search, Rank Tracker, Competition Analysis, Monetization, Finding Content, Publishing Content and Promotion. All of these modules are briefly explained here.

1)   Keyword Search

What can be the best keywords for your website? While anyone can make subjective assumptions about those keywords, it may not be necessary that it tallies with the required best keywords for best results. The strength of ‘Market Samurai’ is to get you to choose your best keywords. Once you put keywords you want to analyse in a project, you can analyse it within minutes. It can give you information on number of searches, average number of people who search this key word on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can match the keywords in a broad sense, exactly or as a phrase.

The most interesting aspect of the ‘keyword search’ tool   is ‘Search Engine Optimization Traffic’ analysis. This tool helps you analyse the maximum potential clicks for a given time period for a website if it is ranked number one by a search engine for those keywords. It can also analyse the total number of web pages that mention a specific keyword term, in the same order in Google’s Index. It can show trends for a phrase on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, which is important information to use. Keyword Search can also indicate total traffic, the number one ranked Google Advertiser might get and what are you likely to pay to get there. Isn’t that what you were looking for?

Hold on, there is far more to ‘Marketing Samurai’ than Keyword Search.

2)   Rank Tracker

Rank tracker as the name indicates can analyse the rank of your website and that of your Competitors. It can scan through Google, Yahoo and Bing and provide you with information in as much depth as you like. Say, you would like to know about top 10 or top 100 or even top 1000 pages. It gives you information on pages indexed by Google or Yahoo or Bing. It also gives you information on pages and phrase match results, and can look at backlink sources which are historic or in a defined time period, say 30 days.

The information on domain backlinks is a wonderful feature as within seconds it gives you information on total number of links outside ofthat website that point to your website. Also, the page rank feature gives an indicator that suggests the quality and quantity of web pages to that link. It is done by making use of algorithms at the back end. However, long tail pro is much better.

3)   Competition Analysis

market samurai seo competition

This may be one of the key and best features that you end up liking in ‘Market Samurai.’ By using this software, you can analyse your top ten ranked competitors and also your own rank in depth. Now this is an exciting tool that can make you sit up and answer all your queries regarding your competitors. Unquestionably, the information that you find out about competitors,helps you have an advantage to improvise and target weak markets. Competition Analysis  module of ‘Market Samurai’ gives you colour coded information on Domain Age, Page Rank, Index Count, Referring Domains, Page backlinks, Domain backlinks and a host of other parameters that may interest you.  You can look at historic information or within last 30 days to achieve same or better results than your competitors. You do not require any more information than this on your competitors.

4)   Finding content

In this module, you can find content relevant to you on various popular domains such as Ezine, Wikipedia, Blogs, You tube, Flickr, Google news and others. So once you have found content that is relevant to your keyword search, you can analyse it and go for the next step.

5)   Publishing content

This is a simple tool and very easy to use module. This  helps you toinstantly publish the found and searched content through Word Press. You can publish this content on your own site and also on other relevant one’s.

6)   Domain

This module is to identify high quality, keyword optimized domain names which are available for registration. These domain names can be absolutely new or from aged domains that have become available.

7)   Promotion

This is one of the key features that helps you discover easy link building opportunities. It helps you use high quality link building techniques. These backlinks can be web, blogs, forums etc from relevant sites.

8)   Monetization

There may be no point doing all this in depth analysis if you do not convert this information into dollars. How can you do that?

You can find products and search for products to promote from websites such as Click Bank, Amazon, Commission Junction and You have to find the most profitable affiliate offers on these websites. What’s more, it also helps you write and copy the links of these affiliates within seconds. Isn’t that simple?

This module also helps you create targeted ads based on keywords that you like or based on your web page content. With Click bankHop Ads you have an opportunity to promote relevant products and earn commissions up to 75% on referred sales, Google AdSense –pays you for each click, eBay Editor Kit on eBayclick sign ups and auction ads and through Amazon Omakase earn commissions on total value of each sale. You can still filter this information by keywords and commission.

Why Buy Market Samurai?

To sum up,

  • Market Samurai can help you get the front page rankings on Search engines.
  • You can get to the high ranked pages in days
  • Helps you stay ahead of the Competition.
  • Helps you in being proactive in getting the relevant domains.
  • Helps you find the relevant content for apt backlinks
  • Helps you in getting paid through appropriate affiliations.

The software is built on Adobe Air, which can be easily downloaded and updated. It is reasonably priced at $149 and comes with a trial period of 12 days. That gives you enough time to experience how you can improvise your business possibilities exponentially without wasting any further time.

Now do you want to be a part of the statistics or successful websites which are barely one percent of the total?

Market Samurai Discount

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What are you waiting for, getting more opportunities taken away by your competitors? Time is money and anyone keen on making profits on IM must not waste any more time. How did you find my market samurai review ? Feel free to post your own review in comment box below.

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