Why to create BackLink of inner page and not of homepage ?

by Baba

We all know the power of backlink but still fail often though we have strong backlinks. The main reason behind is improper backlinks. We should always create backlink of a inner page of our site not of our homepage.

Google has a algorithm in which it says clearly that no inner page can have more pagerank than home page. People simple ignore it and don’t ever try to understand the hidden clue behind. It means, if you create backlink of your home page from a PR7 page then your homepage may get PR5 in one update but in next update your PR will be shared with inner pages and the homepage page rank will drop. But, if you create same backlink of a inner page then your inner page will get PR5. This will automatically make your homepage PR5 at least because no inner page can have higher page rank than its homepage. So, you got 2 pr5 pages ! Well, in next update your other inner pages will get page rank and your homepage page rank won’t change because you already have a pr5 inner page. In this way, if you keep on creating backlinks for your inner pages then you will be having many many PR pages.

So, for getting best PR value in long term always keep building backlinks of inner pages and not of homepage. However, creating backlinks for homepage will help in SEO for the targeted keywords.

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