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Internet-savvy people know that the best way to increase traffic to your websites is to post numerous unique and informative articles.  Creating hundreds or thousands of articles the traditional way – that is, by actually writing them – is not only time-consuming but also very expensive.  Article spinning is the most cost-effective way to gain massive penetration on the internet, and Unique Article Wizard is recognized as one of the leaders in article submission.

Also known as UAW, Unique Article Wizard takes care of spinning your original articles into thousands of versions that UAW automatically distributes to publishing sites.

Unique Article Wizard – What Can It Do for You?

Unique Article Wizard is an internet service that helps you distribute your articles and get back links.  This is very important in articles marketing.  UAW puts your articles on many websites, out-performing other services of its kind.  It can also put your articles on blogs so that you get more direct traffic, thus boosting your sales.

Unique Article Wizard uses articles marketing to promote your online business.  It can get you on the first page of Google searches so your business gets noticed.  You can use UAW to promote affiliate programs, sell products, display AdSense ads, and many more.  It spins your original articles into thousands of unique versions that are automatically submitted to hundreds of popular article directories, ezine publishers, and other articles sites.  The entire process is off your hands.

Get the Most Out of Unique Article Wizard

Choosing the right keywords is vital, and it’s best to use keywords that are 3- to 5-word phrases.  Unique Article Wizard will write articles on the same topic integrating these keywords.  Slightly different, unique versions of your original articles are posted in each website, and it’s typical to get a hundred or more indexed pages with links to your website.

Unique Article Wizard provides results very quickly and you can expect your articles to be submitted and approved through UAW within 24 hours.

How It Works

Article spinning is the preferred way to have a wide circulation on the internet, and Unique Article Wizard uses this technique to generate unique articles for submission.  However, it requires a different approach.  Instead of submitting a single article, you must write three versions of each paragraph in the article.  The online UAW has a utility that allows you to process each paragraph of your article to get three different versions.  You also have the option to write three different versions of your article and submit them as three separate files.  UAW takes care of automatically parsing and combining your articles to create a host of unique articles for submission.

UAW ensures that spun articles are unique.  Up to two links can be embedded within the resource box.  UAW can spin the resource box as well as the title, anchor text and links, thus giving your link building campaign a natural appearance.  You can also select the keywords and up to three different categories for your articles.  This feature gives you a very wide distribution among UAW’s network of sites.

Using Unique Article Wizard is not difficult because it walks you through the process of creating multiple unique versions of your original articles.  UAW also provides guidelines and tutorials to help you with the process.


  • UAW can turn your original article into hundreds of unique articles
  • You can schedule when a batch of articles will be released
  • Unlimited number of resource boxes allows you to get more traffic
  • You can add links in your articles
  • Generates an average of 100 indexed links from a single UAW submission
  • Has a wide network of publishing sites
  • UAW can boost your sales


  • User interface is cumbersome and contains too many steps
  • Web interface can be slow
  • Does not come with a desktop version for article spinning
  • More expensive than some other article submission software

What UAW Users Say

Although it is not perfect, Unique Article Wizard is recognized as one of the best article submission software available today.  UAW users like it because it can generate hundreds of unique articles for automatic submission to many websites.  Its network is currently one of the largest.

Unique Article Wizard has many features that UAW users like a lot.  Its method of spinning generates articles that are natural, easy to read, and unique.  It also allows you to spin the title, resource box, anchor text and links.  Some of the things users like most include the ability to change the author, the option to choose up to three categories for your articles, and the ability to schedule in advance when your articles will be released.

A few users find the article submission software somewhat cumbersome to use because there are a lot of steps to go through and the process can be slow at times.

At $67 per month, some people may find the price a bit steep but many users say the increase in sales will more than make up for the price.

Overall, users say Unique Article Wizard is one of the best tools for article submission.  It can generate a high number of links that are more effective than those generated by many other article submission software.  Users say the $67 price tag is worth the benefits that UAW will bring.

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