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One of the best ways to drive traffic to your websites is to post articles that people want to read.  However, coming up with unique and original articles for your different websites can be time consuming and expensive.  That’s why many people use article spinners to create variations on an article.  One of the most popular and highly recommended article spinner is aptly called “The Best Spinner.”

If you are posting to your own blog you will not need an article spinner, but if you want to submit articles to different places online you will definitely need a great spinner.  Search engines such as Google do not like duplicate content.  But with The Best Spinner, you can quickly and automatically create many unique variations from a single article.  The articles you spin can be posted on your websites or article directories.

The Best Spinner Features

There are many article spinners around but many people agree that The Best Spinner is simply the best.  Unlike most spinners that create spun articles with incorrect syntax or substitute the wrong synonym, The Best Spinner creates articles that are fresh, unique, and easy to read.  Some of its important features include:

  • Expanding user thesaurus.  The Best Spinner has millions of synonyms in its database and the thesaurus is constantly expanding, thanks to the millions of entries submitted by real users.  The Best Spinner is not limited to the English language.  It now has thesauri for the German, French, Spanish and Italian languages.
  • Easy-to-use interface.  This article spinner comes with a user-interface that is fast and easy to use so you can create unique content as quickly as possible.
  • Unlimited Nested Spinning. Nested spinning or spinning within spinning is a useful feature that can help you create hundreds of new and unique articles from a single spun article.  What makes The Best Spinner different from other spinners is its ability to create articles that remain readable.
  • Favorites.  The Best Spinner allows you to save your “Favorite” synonyms for words or phrases you often use in your articles.  With a single click of the button, you can replace all these terms with the synonym of your choice.
  • Different Spin Syntax Styles.  You can choose any of three spin code styles to suit the site where you will be submitting the spun articles.
  • Sentence-by-Sentence or Paragraph Spinning.  Article spinners often spin word-for-word but The Best Spinner gives you the option to spin the entire paragraph.  You can also choose to spin sentences, creating articles that are more readable and better than other spun articles.
  • Rewrite Mode.  Rewrite mode inserts new variations on the original text to create new and unique articles.
  • Built-in Compare Tool.  The Best Spinner comes with a built-in checker that works like Copyscape.  It compares your spun articles with other articles on the web and makes sure they are unique.
  • Built-in spelling and grammar check.
  • Manage Your Spun Articles.  With The Best Spinner, you can generate up to a thousand spun articles and store them in a ZIP file.  The new version of the spinner includes Project management features that allow you to organize your articles and keep a group of articles together in subfolders.

Improved Spinning Management

Many article spinners replace words and phrases with synonyms in an indiscriminate manner, without regard for syntax or correct word usage.  This leads to spun articles that are hard to read, much less understand.  To overcome this problem, The Best Spinner uses a database of synonyms and alternative phrases that is generated and used by real people.  It suggests words that have been used by other Best Spinner users in the past.  Synonyms that are most often used appear higher up in the list.

The Best Spinner also offers alternatives for two- or three-word phrases, not just individual words.  These alternatives are provided by Best Spinner users.  The Best Spinner has the ability to add alternatives to its database automatically, and makes it easy for users to insert new alternatives for words and phrases.


  • Comes with a user interface that is easy to use
  • Can quickly generate hundreds of spun articles
  • The resulting spun articles are unique and readable
  • Comes with a massive and constantly growing thesaurus
  • Has a built-in spelling and grammar check
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • The number of functions and features may be daunting for some people
  • Relatively expensive

What Customers Say

When it comes to article spinning many people say nothing compares to The Best Spinner.  The synonyms and alternatives in this spinner are excellent so you can easily create numerous unique articles that are easy to read.  The built-in grammar checker ensures that you do not have to waste your time correcting grammatical errors in your spun articles.

At $77 per year, The Best Spinner does not come cheap but many users say it is worth the price.  The spinner also comes with numerous helpful features.  Customers say you will need to watch the training videos to take full advantage of these features.

The Best Spinner may be pricey but customers say it is one of the best tools for article spinning.  If you need informative articles to drive traffic to your websites, this spinner can help you create numerous articles easily.  Customers recommend this software to anyone who needs plenty of unique content for their websites.

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