Plan B Profits Review

by Baba

Last year there was a stir online when Winter Valko and Ronnie Montano released an internet marketing system, Plan B Profits. In a world where new internet marketing strategies are released daily in the hundreds (if not thousands), Plan B Profits came up with almost unbelievable promises and a lot of people were skeptical—rightly so. However, the product seems to be unique because it makes use of a very simple strategy for successful internet marketing—which probably explains why it’s been enjoying a fair deal of patronage since its release. So, should you get Plan B Profits? Consider the following points before making a decision.

What is Plan B Profits?

Plan B Profits is a product that automates internet marketing by providing a variety of tools that will help you make sales to a limitless pool of targeted buyers on Facebook. Considering that Facebook currently has over 800 million users (and it’s still increasing), a product like Plan B Profits that allows people to tap into viral and video marketing on Facebook is worth paying attention to. Every internet marketer knows that having access to traffic alone just doesn’t cut it when it comes to making sales; you have to go further and convert the traffic to lifetime customers in order to ensure unending income. This is what Plan B promises to deliver.

What You Get

When you purchase Plan B, you will have access to several useful tools that will make your affiliate/internet marketing efforts successful. These include:

  • Immediate access to the most lucrative cash and income generating internet marketing niches.
  • 10 websites that will attract and convert thousands of visitors to customers on their first visit.
  • Free hosting for the sites.
  • No installation, configuration or Cpanel required.
  • Constant support and assistance until you start making money.
  •  Free incorporation with any other campaign or product.

How It Works—Creating Campaigns

With Plan B, creating campaigns that will help you harness the unlimited traffic on Facebook becomes easy. Creating the campaigns is automated and you only need to supply your affiliate links and id and the information for your autoresponder. With this information, Plan B creates landing pages with high conversion rates and containing your affiliate id. Furthermore, you get to choose whatever format suits your taste from 10 landing pages that have been proven highly effective. Thus, you can promote any product or offer and continue to earn commissions.

Viral List Optimizer (VLO)

The VLO is an innovative tool that helps you draw a large number of high caliber visitors to your site(s)—there’s probably nothing like it at the moment. With the VLO button on your sites, visitors don’t have to fill in their names and emails as is customarily done. By clicking the VLO, the visitor’s details (name and email) are stored on your site’s autoresponder and your website gets posted onto his or her wall automatically. Subsequently—thanks to Facebook connection technology—the visitor’s friends will also get your website in their updates, visit your site and the whole cycle continues. This is a guaranteed way of building a large list of valuable subscribers with high optin or conversion rates. If you are uncomfortable about the ethical aspect of this tool, relax, it’s perfectly legal.

Websites and Videos

These two sections in the members’ area are also very important for successful internet marketing. The website section provides important details about all the campaigns you are currently running, how they are performing and statistics on the type of traffic and where they are coming from. With this information, you can easily monitor and keep track of your marketing efforts. You can also save this data on your hard drive to study it at a convenient time. This makes it easy to analyze how effective these efforts are and make necessary adjustments.

The videos section is packed with excellent videos in several high value, in-demand niches that will help you build a large list of loyal customers. You can use these videos as formats to create yours (for platinum subscribers though) or simply put them on your sites as they are for free.

Other Tools

Plan B Profits also has other tools like the e-post cards (that help you reach out to potential associates about business opportunities), training materials (including some courses on personal development) and bonuses. The home section also contains an introductory video on how Plan B can help you create a continuous passive source of good income.

The Bad Points

So far the only negative thing about Plan B is that there is no 24-hour live support for users. This means that whatever information or help users need can only be attended to between 3am and 9pm EST. However, the instructions seem explicit enough and there shouldn’t be any serious problem that can’t be resolved by following them.

In Conclusion

When you consider the convoluted world of internet marketing, especially the myriad of often technical and tedious “miracle” methods of making money, Plan B Profits is a product that you can trust. It leverages on an existing trusted platform, Facebook, with an unlimited source of traffic (over 800 million), it’s fully automated, user-friendly, self explanatory and actually relatively inexpensive (particularly when compared with what you stand to gain).

The customer support is also prompt and effective and they practically hold your hands throughout the process. I’ll say you’d be making a good investment with the $49 getting the product costs. Furthermore, you have a Clickbank guaranteed 60 days to try it out and request a refund if it doesn’t live up to its billings. Really, you have nothing to lose.

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