Traffic Bandits Review

by Baba

Attracting visitors to your webpages is perhaps the most important aspect of building a successful online business. If you’re like majority of webmasters you’ve probably already spent countless hours and maybe even hundreds or thousands of dollars trying to create a streamlined system that will attract targeted traffic and increase your revenue by allowing you to market to visitors that are already interested in your niche.

The Traffic Bandits informational course teaches you how to use media buying to automatically drive targeted traffic to any page you’d like with a few clicks of your mouse. The course was created by Scott Rewick, a highly successful affiliate marketer/online entrepreneur that has earned hundreds of millions of dollars, founding several prominent affiliate networks, including MetaReward, NetBlue, AdEx, and Cranking Media.  If you’ve struggled to generate a consistent traffic flow to your webpages, it may be wise to consider the advantages of the Traffic Bandits unique media buying system.

Is SEO or Contextual Advertising Really Necessary?

The steps of building a successful site/online business seem to be simple and self-evident –

1. Create/upload quality content,

2. Perform on-site/offsite search engine optimization (i.e. – Link building, post categorization, interlinking pages)

3. Effectively monetize the traffic.

However, there are hurdles involved with each of these three main steps, particularly in regards to attracting visitors on a daily basis, and the Traffic Bandits system challenges the necessity and overall efficiency of the second step. For this reason, many people opt for a popular simplified alternative to good old-fashioned SEO – contextual advertising, most often in the form of Google AdWords. The problem with using a pay per click advertising structure to generate large amounts of traffic is that there are no guarantees that the traffic will be worth the cost.


Although search engine optimization can certainly lead to large amounts of residual web traffic, and is a traffic generating technique that should be explored, similar results can be seen with less time spent. Media buying allows you to avoid all of the complex analysis and work involved with search engine optimization and PPC advertising, giving you more time to spend on other crucial aspects of your business.

What Can Traffic Bandits Do for You?

The Traffic Bandits informational course is designed to give you all the information and resources needed to begin taking action and generating targeted traffic that could transform your online endeavors from pathetic to profitable. Instead of just teaching you the basics of media buying, the Traffic Bandits system gives you detailed blueprints that will guide you in purchasing the right amounts and types of media for your niche/site.

By giving you realistic expectations and a plausible course of action the Traffic Bandits system provides a true opportunity for financial independence and prosperity. If you’ve been wanting to work from home or take your online business endeavors to the next level, Traffic Bandits can open the door to a whole new realm of possibilities by explaining away many of the popular myths associated with media buying versus search engine optimization/adwords campaigns. Some of the most popular myths that the Traffic Bandits course dispels are that media buying is complex, costs a lot of money, and requires extensive research to be done properly. In fact, there are literally dozens of powerful media buying networks that can be continually leveraged to generate massive amounts of highly targeted traffic.

Some of the media buying networks you’ll learn to use in the Traffic Bandits system are Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, Twitter, Bing,, AOL Advertising, RightMedia, ValueClick Media. Traffic Bandits gives you access to 12 years of accumulative marketing experience, and teaches you the techniques used by online mogul Scott Rewick to bring in more than $80 million in revenue in just two years.

Traffic Bandits Case Studies

In addition to being backed by a 60 day money back guarantee, the Traffic Bandits informational course also comes complete with five detailed case studies that let you follow the mistakes and lessons learned by five successful affiliate marketers during their careers. These comprehensive case studies will teach you the exact strategies and techniques used to overcome some of the many challenges that you are likely to face.

In the first comprehensive case study you learn the exact strategies and techniques used by a surfer turned affiliate guru to overcome challenges that you’re likely to face. The first case study will also teach you how to develop an affiliate marketers mindset, which is surprisingly crucial to your success. Finally, the first case study will review valuable insider secrets that will show you how to scale your online business to maximum potential.

In the second case study you’ll follow along an engineer who goes by the name of “Mr. P.” Being an engineer, this affiliate was able to devise powerful, yet simple formulas that allow you to engineer profits on a residual basis. This case study also discusses an important reason why the majority of media buyers ultimately fail, and what you can do to avoid it.

The third case study follows a scholar that learned how to propel himself ahead of the competition through the use of revolutionary, esoteric advertising strategies that have previously only been practiced by top ranking affiliates.

The fourth case study discusses the keys to becoming a super affiliate, how to capitalize on competitive opportunities, and how to create a lifestyle that will bring your wealth creation efforts to the next level.  This case study really gives you motivation to scale up, as the subject of the case study, Mr. D, reveals a system that he personally uses to profitably spend $50,000 in media buying per day.

The fifth and final case study follows a dieter that went from making zero profit online to purchasing thousands of dollars in ad buys on a daily basis within just a couple of months. This final case study teaches you surprisingly simple, yet highly effective steps that need to be taken to escape the amateur marketer state of mind.

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