2 Ways To Increase Your Commissions With The Same Amount Of Traffic

by Baba

You don’t always need to get more traffic to increase the amount of money you are making, often we are not making the best use of the traffic we are already getting. If you increase the conversion rate of your site first to pull in more money from the traffic you are getting already, then when you do increase your traffic levels then your profits will increase dramatically.

Here are two ways to increase the conversion rate of your current promotions:

Offer a bonus: People love to get free stuff, and if you offer a good quality bonus (not junk like most people offer) then that can often be enough to tip the scales and get someone to buy who was only on the fence before. This is an extremely powerful method for increasing your commissions when you promote digital products because it forces them to buy through your affiliate link (instead of using their own affiliate link or going to another site and using theirs) as you will be checking their transaction number before you send them the bonus. The delivery of the bonus can be done by hand if you want, or if the product you are promoting is sold through Clickbank.com then there are automated scripts which can check the person did buy through your affiliate link and deliver the bonus for you, freeing your time up to get more traffic!

Don’t discount this idea if you are promoting physical products though. If you are promoting a high priced product for which you will earn a big commission then you could even create a small physical bonus you mail to them if you want to stand out from the crowd. Or I heard of someone buying copies of a physical course that sells for $300 wholesale, and then offering that as a bonus on a product they make a $1000 commission from, that still gives them a $700 commission and almost guarantees that if the visitor has a choice then they will use his affiliate link!

Split-testing: This is something that nowhere near enough marketers do, yet all the real super affiliates do it, do you see a pattern there? Split testing is simply where you test different elements of your promotion or your landing page etc to see if you can increase the conversion rate, and if you do increase the conversion rate then you keep the new change and begin testing new variables.

The obvious one to test first is the copy on your landing page, this can have a huge effect on your conversions so you should test a whole bunch of different versions of this. Yet it doesn’t have to be something as major as that, test the title on the landing page, test the colors of the writing, titles, background, test the layout, test the closing paragraph, test the color, size and font of your affiliate link, test anything and everything you can to maximize conversions, because increasing your conversion rate puts more money in your pocket for the same amount of traffic!

You have to watch out if you are using SEO to promote your offer though, making the content dynamic with a split testing script might have an adverse affect on your rankings, but you can still test on a smaller scale by changing one element at a time and waiting for a week to see the change it has on your conversion rate. You might be surprised at how much difference something simple like changing a title can make!

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