Video Traffic Academy Review

by Baba

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to notice that internet marketing is the easiest and most cost effective way of increasing sales in any type of business. Even so, most companies fail to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the advent of video content on the internet. 80% of the internet users in the United States alone have declared that they watch online videos on a regular basis and most of them do it through YouTube. This website is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and it gathers more than 2 billion unique video views each day. The idea behind Video Traffic Academy is that you can take a piece out of these views and drive customers directly to your website without wasting your money or your time.

What is Video Traffic Academy?

Video Traffic Academy is a system developed especially for those who want to get into online video marketing but have no idea where to start and what they need to do in order to become successful. It can also be used by those who have experimented with uploading videos to YouTube in the past and were not happy with the results. Plus, since creating and uploading videos usually takes many hours to do successfully, this program will show you how to automate the process and rely on the community to drive traffic towards your website. As soon as you get familiar with this strategy, you will be able to sit back and focus on other parts of your business. This system is actually based on three fundamental ideas.

  1. Video Optimization

This part of the program will show you the tools you can use for discovering what your future clients are looking for on the internet. This will help you figure out what type of videos you need to make and how to get them in the top results on Google and YouTube. In fact, every person who will find your channel will already be interested in your product or service, which means that turning them into clients will be effortless.

  1. Video Value

This course will teach you how to create valuable content even if you don’t have a professional camera or experience as an actor. The Video Traffic Academy will show you the secrets of making interesting content that people want to share with their friends, so once you upload your video, it will gain more and more views without your interference.

  1. Video Aftermath

Promotion is the key to video marketing and you can discover the 13 steps that will put your videos on the number one spot on YouTube and attract thousands of visitors. With the right content and optimization, these views will quickly turn into sales and your business will thrive through this automated process.


When you sign up for the Video Traffic Academy package, you will receive quite a few bonuses that add up to a total value of almost $800. These bonuses include a comprehensive resource library which contains the tools you need for making interesting videos. In this package, you will find royalty free music, high quality video backgrounds, and some impressive video templates which will give your videos the professional look you’ve been searching for. You will also receive a course on affiliate video marketing, some highly informative video traffic process maps, and behind the scenes interviews with YouTube stars.


What to Expect


Even if this is the first time you ever head about video marketing, this solution will help you become an active part of the YouTube community as long as you follow the steps. What’s even more important, each and every one of your videos will be directed towards people who are actually looking for your products or services. This will result in a very high conversion rate and your YouTube traffic will be converted into sales without your intervention. Instead of receiving thousands of views from people who are not interested in your business, you can be sure that the people who watch your videos are ready to visit your website.



The complete package is currently offered at $97 with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. The best part about this deal is that if you are not satisfied with the results completely, but still want to keep the package for some of its features, you can get a full refund and continue using the advice offered by the Video Traffic Academy for an unlimited time. The bonus package is especially helpful and you will enjoy every part of it, even if you will get it for free.

Pros and Cons

The Video Traffic Academy is a complete package and it will teach you everything you need to know about video marketing and show you exactly how to put it in to action without wasting your time. The process is fairly automated and you won’t spend days trying to make it work. In addition, beginners will also benefit from the section which offers a brief tutorial on what camera, hardware, and software to use if you want to convert traffic into sales through YouTube videos.

On the downside, you will still need to purchase a camera, even if it is a low priced webcam. After that, you have to install it and spend a few minutes getting used to a free video making software.


Online videos are increasing in popularity every day and creating quality content is not as difficult as you might think. Most people who jump into video marketing usually fall in the same traps and end up spending days trying to improve their strategies with no success. The Video Traffic Academy will show you how to avoid making these mistakes and how to build a popular channel which will attract your future clients without a conscious effort from your part. All you have to do is follow these easy steps, use the bonuses included in the package and your views will be converted into sales in no time.

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