Tori Reid from Elance (TheWritingCoach2012) – Would You Hire ?

by Baba

Some people are there who are real “shit” and dealing with such assholes can be a nightmare.  I, myself is one of the “such peoples” . 😀 However, when i find another person who starts showing attitude i can’t stop myself from posting here. After all its my personal blog where i post my feelings.

Well, lets talk about the topic .. My reputed on the web is quite good as a “BOSS”. I pay my folks regularly … though i bargain a little with writers, i never trouble them with payment issues. As kris1911 i have gained heck of reputation on popular forum DP. However, i love to deal personally via emails rather than freelancer sites and forums. Recently, i logged in to Elance because i had heard lots of good things about it from fellow marketers. They seemed to be much happy with the quality of writers they found there and the escrow system of theirs help both party from getting screwed. I hate this system personally .. (just personal choice, though its good system) …

I had created account long ago but had never used it. So thought to give it a go ..! I posted a job and the features were super cool. I was allowed to invite 30 contractors and Elance suggested best ones for me (randomly) ..

In few hours i got around 20 proposals. Checking though them, i found super cool …There were writing ranging from USD5 to USD100 per hour. I was not much surprised to get a quote of USD100 for a 1000 words article i had seen similar quote from quality writers in other forums. My target was to hire a $10 writer quality writer who is flexible, cool for long term ..I found few of them and was really happy working with them …

There was a girl named Tori Reid from Elance  with username TheWritingCoach2012 with whom i asked her email address coz i found her rates good. 🙂 Since i prefer dealing personally via emails, i asked her if she is able to do business via email rather than taking elance escrow service .. She replied following :

Paypal is less secure therefore I do not like to. I will give it a shot with one article and see how it goes from there. My policy will be to write the articles and show you watermarked samples. Only when I receive payment will I send you the final copies. How does this sound?


That was perfectly fine with me. So i said ” watermark etc is fine with me. i will prefer paypal…”

She replied ” Okay. When would you like to get started?”

I replied “now .. 🙂   and sent detail of first article

She replied back saying “That will up the price to $12. Sorry. Is that ok?”

I said “ok  .. make it perfect !!”

She said ”

After checking out your Elance profile and doing some research I’ve decided to not to through with the deal on Paypal.
Elance has a system set up where you can submit funds directly from your paypal account into escrow. Paypal offers no support for merchants who cannot offer “proof of delivery” through postal service, so no protection for writers.
So sorry, but I’m only willing to go forward through elance. Please award the job and upload funds from your paypal account.
Thank You

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WTF ?  What was she doing till then then ? That was just waste of time and momentum .. 😛 I hate such things .. I really do. Else, i wouldn’t be writing and posting all these here. .. If we think, nothing bad of her. She was afraid of being scammed. But afterall, she agreed to write and i agreed to pay her before she delivers me article. She asked details with me and i gave her. After so long, she came to conclusion that she is unsecured and cannot take risk of $12 for Baba Pandey !!
No doubt, my attitude is one of the worst in the planet ….. But i am not that bad once people start dealing with me …. So, Miss Tori Reid (TheWritingCoach2012) … I am not impressed at all with you. But no worries, you should be getting lots of clients via Elance who use Elance Escrow service and you won’t get fucked up !!
Just for fun .. .I gave this girl order of 5 articles for $50 via Elance escrow service … 😛
P.S : This is personal feeling and review of Baba Pandey !!

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