How to share your videos with others

by Vivek

Sharing videos with one another is may be an important means of exchanging information. If you are creative enough to shoot or make videos personally then to share those videos, you need some client which allows video sharing with other people. Here we are discussing on such client which allows video sharing option.

You can share any type of video that you want (depends upon the clients term and condition). Viewer will watch your all shared videos via the client you used.

Let’s discuss on few clients and their features…


The most widely used video sharing client is YouTube. You can share any type of video here, except porn video (YouTube doesn’t allow pornography). YouTube provides a platform where you can share among them also, whom you don’t know, as millions of people visit YouTube daily. People can also share your YouTube videos via twitter or just by embedding the video on their own blog or website. Using YouTube is so easy; as you can share your all videos at one click. You just need a Google Account to sign up or you can create on the YouTube site itself. If the internet connection is high then the uploading process will more quick.


Vlog is type of video blog. You need to update your video regularly to get more viewers. You can say that this Vlog video blog is a nice alternative of any other average blog. Just like other blogs, to get viewers, you need to update the blog regularly with some interesting items; you will also have to update your video blog regularly to increase the viewers. The more you upload the more you get viewers. This is also an easiest way to share videos with anyone. For example, if you want to share videos of health care then you have to post videos daily to get more viewers. And before starting the blog, you should keep in mind about the topics which have been searched regularly.

DVD Discs

Another easiest method to share videos among the person whom you know is by DVD discs. You can create a video DVD disc and give it to another person whom you want to share. This mode of sharing can be done for more personal data’s such as personal video files. For example, if you want to share your personal video such as Birth Day video to your one friend, then you can use this mode of sharing. You can create a DVD of that Birth Day video and give it to your friend directly or send via post. You need a blank DVD in which you burn the video file and a PC in which you will perform burning operation. This mode of sharing is much safer, as no any third party can view your personal videos.

Flash Drives

A flash drive also gives a better option to share all types of videos to your friend and family. you just need a flash drive (available in markets) and you can share any file by copying that file to your flash drive and then deliver one, whom you want to share. Flash drives which are available in market, comes with a few hundred GBs worth of space (you can choose according to your need). There are many advantages of this mode of sharing such that you can re-use flash drive for sharing lots of videos by deleting and copying options and you can store either HD or normal quality videos in your flash drives. Flash drives are pricey but most perfect mode of video sharing with your friend and family.


You all must familiar with Facebook, the widely used social networking site. You can share your all videos via Facebook. Just upload video from your account and your entire friend list can see it. Facebook also gives an option to manage privacy which means which friend can see video. It provides four option, first says ‘only me’, means the uploaded video can be seen by you only; second option says ‘friends only’, means only friends in your friend list can see that video; third one say ‘public’, means anyone on the Facebook can see that video and the last one is ‘customs’, means you can manually select which friend can see you video & which will not.

Facebook is especially good for sharing short videos but you can share long video too. Overall, Facebook provides a better platform for your videos to be liked and viewed by your friends.


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