Mission 2013 By Baba Pandey

by Baba

Life doesn’t go as we think and plan .. but planning is always essential ! It will help us to track how things are actually going and improve the bad parts while being satisfied with the good parts.

Lets Talk a Little About 2012

The year 2012 is ending now and i have to say it was not that bad although it was not as i expected. However, it could have been worst too. Thank God 😛  The idea of creating micro niches sites was doomed after the google EMD update on late Sep  just few days after my 22nd birthday ! I was returning by dating my GF not only to know that few of my sites were gone but also to totally change my plan and dream of having such sites. Fortunately, i hadn’t build many of them. It was just my plan.

Looking back, total earning of 2012 was around $20k which is fair enough ! Net profit around $10k  ..Where did the 10k go ? Mainly on content ! 🙂 I also have domain database of around 200 so 2k was spent there. Most of them are expiring now without being used and i don’t have any plan to renew them. Loss ? YEAH !! Hosting is not cheap as well. When you buy a VPS, you can easily expect to get billed around $150 every month !

Anyways, i was satisfied with the results. My bank balance is still $0 as the money is just enough to maintain my household expenses. I am surprised to see the increase in expenses as the income increases .. 😀 but, i never maintained any accounts to give exact figure. All the figures are estimated ..

Goals for 2013

Big year coming !! If the rumors about End Of The World is actually rumor .. 😛


In 2013, i am planning to be bit more careful on saving. My dad always keeps saying saving money is same as the bees  saving honey ! Someone else will grab it if you don’t use it. But i have learned its good only to say and if we start following it 100% we will might get doomed badly. My idea was to grow the income and never think about savings which is little changed now (with the help of my mom and gf) .. So, i will definitely be saving some cash this year.


Awww . .if i didn’t earn bigger, my bank balance will be empty as now. So, my mission 2013 is $3k per month ! It definitely achievable but won’t be that easy. I will be adding 3 new websites on my portfolio and make total 5 good sites that will be giving me decent cash each months. All the content will be top notch quality, no compromise and there will absolutely be no seo.


I will not be adding new clients unless they are supercool ! I will continue my work with Acetravels.com and few other clients.


I will focus on my health ! Its top priority ! I will do exercises regularly and won’t take alcohol this year. Will do eye exercises so that my myopia problem won’t increase much .. On my birthday, i will gift myself a supercool laptop and probably shift to new apartment as well. (new furniture and all, you can smell the expenses) … Aww Aww ! Hiring a PA is my goal of 2013 as well. I will travel 1 cool place this year. Probably goa !


Totally personal stuff in this page .. Awww Awww


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