The URL is currently banned on DIGG

by Baba

The URL is currently banned on digg for violating terms and condition. I believe that it is due to the picture that was in the article hymen repair. Though the article was of high quality the picture seemed nude which led the URL ban.

I still hope for unban because the intention of this was never to harm digg community or to break the TOS there. Also, the picture is removed currently from the article. I will always be looking forward for this and lets hope we will get positive news soon.
I would like to make you all aware while publishing content and picture in your site. Firstly read the TOS of digg and then only move ahead because banned from digg can harm much for your site. 🙂
My next platform will now be mixx, stumbleupon, reddit, propller and shoutwire. I love social medias and can’t be out of it. You will find me on twitter also as a active twitter user. Happy social media and best of luck !

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