Google PageRank Updated. 31 Dec 2009

by Baba


Google, the King of search engine has updated its Page Rank system today. Actually google pagerank updates daily but we only know when the toolbar shows it which occurs only few times in a year. Last time there was bit delay in page rank update but this time google updated the page rank in expected time. BTW, this blog is now PR4 and was PR3 before this which is petty good news. I had expected PR5 or PR6 but this couldn’t happen. I am good satisfied with PR4 and lets hope it won’t drop next LOL.

Value of PR – Page Rank

Actually speaking there is no value of PR. It is just google algorithm which gives pagerank to each page according to its importance. We don;t know how it will determine the importance of page. We only know that good and quality backlink only will help to boost PR. May be there is something else also, forget about it. Though PR has actually no value it is most important to some people who are selling links according to their PR. There are thousands of webmasters earning 1000s dollars each months only by selling PR links. To them PR update has much value. When there PR is increased they feel as they won some race where there was million dollars bet and when it drops they are too sad though there is not much to loose. So, game of PR has become like game of gambling (OOuch,sorry) to few of us. Never mind LOL

Selling PR and having more OBL is bad

Take example of DigitalPoint forum which is PR4 only since long time. It has 100s of backlinks that we have never expected and was PR7 one time. This is not because it is selling links but because there are too many OBL divided into signature links of users. The benefit is to the users. Also, if you are selling links then you may not see any change in PR or may see it has been dropped. However, if you are maintaining the quality you will surely see positive results.

My PR was 0, i did hard work but still 0

PR update takes few days time and not all sites are updated at same time. Wait, and never worry. If you have done well, you will surely good results. If you still didn’t see change after few days then you have no option than waiting till next update and working as you were doing or even in a better way.

You have PR, I will search your backlinks and put mine there

Many try this and i hate it most. Why do you follow other people’s backlinks ? Build your own good backlinks. The pages that have PR6 have high chance of dropping to PR1 in next update and quality PR0 pages may boost to PR5 in next update. Don;t try to copy others. Rather, search for good backlinks yourself and try to do unique job.

Guys, let me know what changes you have seen in your site’s PR. 🙂

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Subash Chandra Poudel January 2, 2010 at 2:02 pm

Finally google did that I was waiting for this since two month , as i recently i made some websites. I am happy that most of my sites like , , got pr2 but A little disapointed as my site decreased from pr3 to pr2.


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