16 Hours Load Shedding- No electricity – WTF

by Baba

Can you imagine a day without electricity for 16 hours ? Its time for us now to face it. In my country Nepal, which is second largest source of water in world, the schedule of 16 hours load-shedding is going to be published. However currently there is 8 hours daily load shedding.

How to work online ?

I have a inverter and it works around 4 hours after being fully charged for a single PC. However, when there is long load shedding it won’t be charged fully and i won’t be able to use it more. Also, the ISP won’t have backup and will be switched off. It is really hard working here these days. Now only way would be to purchase laptop and good inverter which would easily be able to supply electricity 24 hrs for laptop. The problem will still remain because of the ISP. I am searching for alternative ISP here which will give 24 hrs internet connection.

What about people in office who work in computer ?

Really good time for officers who work in government offices. Private offices manage back up with generator also but government won’t do it. Officers spend most of the time leisurely by gossiping.

Students are much happy here.

No need to study, no need to do homework and no punishment in the school. At home parents won’t shout because there will be no electricity and teachers also understand the problem in school. However, students have to work hard in school time. 🙂

When will the problem be solved god ! Damm it ..

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Mr.X June 15, 2010 at 7:18 am

loaadshedding kay khali rati matra jancha ra student lai padhna disturb,hune.loadshedding ko bahana lazy bidhyarthi lai matra kam lagcha.In my father’s time there was no electricity yet he exceled in studies.ani ahilay pani kati durgam nepali gaun haru ma electricity chaina tara uniharu ta padhchan,kathmandu ra sahar ko matra student lai dsturb kasari huncha?padhna lai brain ko nerves dekhi dimag samma matra electric signal chahincha.hamro desh ma feri education ma paper ra black board matra prayog huncha which do not need electricity.


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