The Social Networking Academy Review

by Baba

With all of the small online businesses in existence these days, there’s a need for different sorts of advertising that isn’t going to break the bank for you. Now, what could offer you all of the attention that you could possibly want or need for a price that is more than affordable? The answer to that is quite simple. Social Networking has been playing a huge part in advertising since it has taken off so quickly. However, there are lots of people that still don’t understand how to make this kind of advertising work for you.

If you fall into that category and would like to know more, you should check out The Social Networking Academy. This is an online membership site that helps you get the most from social networking sites such as Facebook. It offers you 12 weeks of training that guides you through all the steps you need to know to use social media as one of the main advertising tools.

The Social Networking Academy is produced by Jo Barnes. She has earned the reputation of being the queen of social media and she loves her job because she can live wherever she wants with her family. Even when she was a bit new to Internet marketing she realized how effective social media marketing could be, so she set out to find the secrets to making it even better. It is these secrets that she teaches students in her academy. Jo feels that mentoring her students helps them to be able to do as much or more than even she does. In The Social Networking Academy, Jo shows you how to make money using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and various other platforms of social media.

What You Learn

The training videos from the Social Networking Academy show you how to set up your social networking pages to get the most from your earnings while also getting people to follow you. This makes you somewhat of an authority figure. You’ll also learn:

  • How to create fan pages in only minutes by using the easy to use drag and drop templates.
  • How to use the step by step 90 Day Coaching program to begin building your business immediately.

These are things that you’re really going to put to great use when you finish the training course.

What You Get

In order to learn all of these things and to get them working for you, there are many things that you’ll have access to as a member of the Social Networking Academy. Things you’ll get include:

  • Live coaching calls every two weeks! Jo hosts these events every other Thursday and you get to ask whatever questions you have and get live answers.
  • Discover how other experts built successful businesses through recorded interviews accessed on the site as well as regular featured guests.
  • Access to the Business in a Box, which is an advanced affiliate program jam packed with thousands of hours of learning.
  • More than 500 training videos that covers all aspects of Social Media.
  • Your choice of subjects through monthly webinars. Customers are consulted regularly as to what information they want and that information is then taught through the webinars.
  • Courses of personal development, competitions, Customer Appreciation Days, new courses monthly, constant updates, and much more.
  • A Members Only Discussion Forum where you can get support and help from the team as well as a group of people that think as you do.

A Visit Inside the Social Networking Academy Members Area

Once you become a member of the Social Networking Academy, you’ll be granted access to the private Members Area where you’ll find an array of various things that will help you to reach your goal of a successful business. These include:

  • Focusing Power
  • The Business in a Box
  • Coaching Program
  • All about Facebook: Basics of Facebook, how to build a Facebook website, Facebook pages, Ad Power of Facebook, Marketing on Facebook, technical Facebook.
  • How to use Twitter
  • All about YouTube: Basics of YouTube, Channels of YouTube, Marketing on YouTube, and SEO on YouTube
  • Using Google+
  • Interviews with the experts
  • The Social Networking Academy Channel
  • The Social Networking Academy Television
  • Webinars
  • Articles, Resources and other Cool Tools
  • Advanced WordPress Theme
  • Graphics
  • Free iFrame Templates
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Affiliate Program

You get all of these things and more as there are updates added daily.

The Cost

Becoming a member of the Social Networking Academy isn’t as impossible as you may think. There are three different types of memberships available. To begin, you can join for just $1 and try it out for 10 full days. If you decide to stay with it after that, it’s $67 a month or a lifetime membership for $397. There’s a 60 day guarantee attached to the regular memberships so you can really try out the program to see if it’s for you.

In Conclusion

There’s really nothing to lose here and so much to gain. Besides, if you decide to stay with the membership, the lifetime membership might make a bit more sense unless you just can’t come up with the $397.

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