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Affiliate marketing has generated an astounding Internet craze, and is often renowned as one of the easiest and quickest ways to make a fortune from home. Unfortunately, a large percentage of aspiring affiliates fail to accomplish their goals after investing countless hours of time and effort into “guru” informational products. Many of these “courses” or “guides” are nothing more than products in and of themselves, and provide no real value to a novice, or even intermediate affiliate marketer. Sadly, some people pay thousands of dollars for training seminars and other informational products that only provide insight to a small portion of the knowledge needed to become a successful marketer in today’s competitive market.

How Is the Cash Making Affiliate Sites Course Different?

Cash Making Affiliate Sites combines useful information with a proprietary Affiliate Profit Multiplier Software that will help you automate the majority of the techniques you’ll learn. This program is also unique because it provides three types of teaching methodologies, to accommodate the learning preferences of everyone. Those of you that prefer reading information will enjoy the comprehensive training manuals that introduce you to key concepts at your own pace. Video lessons accommodate the written tutorials to guide you through all of the duties associated with becoming a successful affiliate and answer questions that will undoubtedly be posed by people that enjoy visual learning. An audio overview is also included with each module.

Cash Making Affiliate Sites 12 Modules

The entire program consists of 12 detailed modules that walk you step-by-step through your journey to becoming a well paid affiliate marketer. Each module provides video/audio lessons and PDF tutorials to create a user-friendly outline to follow.

In Module 1 – Niche Seeker, you’ll learn how to find the most lucrative niches by utilizing analytical tools and analyzing specific statistics within affiliate networks. You’ll also learn how to find the most popular and profitable products within a niche.

In Module Two – Affiliate Foundation, you’ll be guided through the process of establishing your own Internet marketing business. Issues like domain name and hosting plan selection, learning basic site management skills (using WordPress), and how to use e-mail list building tools are all covered in detail.

In Module Three – Keyword Research, you’ll be introduced to key concepts in keyword selection and targeting, including how to use fundamental, yet highly effective Google traffic tools like Wordtracker, WonderWheel, and Keyword External. You’ll also learn innovative ways to use AdWords research tools to your advantage.

In Module Four – WordPress Mastery, you’ll understand the true power of this free content management system that lets you design and develop professional websites with no previous programming experience. This module also reveals how to use certain plug-ins to extend the features and functionality of WordPress to accommodate your needs and preferences.

Module Five – Content Crusher provides a thorough introduction into the world of content creation and optimization, teaching you how to fill your websites with quality content for little or no money, and with very little effort on your behalf.

Module Six – An Introduction to SEO, is the first of three modules dedicated to search engine optimization, and covers basic topics related to improving search engine optimization (SEO) skills, including how to customize your website’s content, page interlinking, and navigation menus to ensure consistently high rankings in the search engine result pages (SERPs).


The Seventh Module – Off Page SEO, reveals powerful secrets and techniques that can be used to increase your site’s search engine rankings and online presence. This module teaches you advanced back link building methods, press release content creation tips, and how to track and statistically analyze every aspect related to your link network.

Module Eight – On-Page SEO, shows you how to optimize webpage attributes like tags (i.e. – alt tags, meta-tags, and title tags), site maps, and the placement/density of keywords within your content. This module will also teach you how to avoid duplicate content penalties, maximize the amount of time each visitor spends on your webpages (which increases your page rank and position in the SERPs), and how to attract search engine spiders to ensure all of your posts are indexed as fast as possible.


In Module Nine – Pay Per Click, the art of PPC advertising is discussed in detail. After discovering some of the most advanced contextual advertising and PPC campaign management tactics, you’ll learn how to utilize your newfound skills to convert $100 in advertising funds into $500 in revenue or more.


Module Ten – Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing, reveals the often overlooked power of social/media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. This module thoroughly covers the concept of attracting large amounts of viral traffic by creating widespread interest through blogging and social networking.


Module Eleven – List Building, explains the importance and process of building large lists of e-mail addresses that you can use to market products/services to large groups of targeted potential customers automatically, on a routine basis. This module teaches helpful tips like opt-in form incentivizing, providing free information to attract attention from people that are already interested in your niche, and a host of other list building techniques that can help you maximize conversions while minimizing effort.


Module Twelve – Affiliate Profit Multiplier (APM) Software, shows you how to set up the included automation software to quickly build, optimize, and maintain turnkey affiliate sites, regardless of your web design experience. To become a web developer you won’t have to invest countless hours and hundreds of dollars learning how to become a programmer, as this software streamlines the process by giving you a feature-rich, user-friendly interface through which effective affiliate sites can be built with ease.

The entire Cash Making Affiliate Sites is backed by a full 60 day, 100% moneyback guarantee, and you have a chance to get a sneak peak at all of the course contents for seven days for only $4.95.

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