The How-To’s of a Cell Phone Lookup Service

by Baba

There are many sites these days advertising what they call free cell phone lookup services. If you have ever wondered what these are, why they are being advertised, and why you would ever want to use one of these, then you have come to the right place. Cell phone lookup services are popping up all over the internet, some for free and some requiring a small fee, and many have not even heard of these and do not understand what exactly it is they do.


Cell phone lookup services make almost any phone number available to you with only a few seconds of searching. In the past, the main method for acquiring a phone number has been looking through a phone book. There are a few major problems with phone books that a good phone lookup service avoids. For one, phone books do not list cell phone numbers. Cell phones subscription numbers have reached over 4.6 billion in recent years, and the number is rising all the time, and so this phone book deficiency is extremely serious. For another thing, if you don’t know the name of the person whose number you have, you will have a very hard time finding it in the phone book. A phone lookup service, or at least one worth your while, will not only have a good searching system but also a complete index of both cell phones and landlines not just in the area, but all over the world.

You might be wondering why you would ever need one of these cell phone lookup services. You know all your friend’s numbers and don’t need to know anyone else’s. However, you might find yourself on the receiving end of a threatening call, or maybe a prank call, or just a blank call. These might remain a mystery to you for the rest of your life unless you figure out a way to trace the number and see where it actually comes from. You might even be able to catch a criminal or stop other harassing calls by finding out who is responsible for them. Using a service like this can help a whole lot and save a good deal of time and trouble.

It’s not hard to figure out how to do a phone number lookup. There are a number of ways that are available to find and trace a number, and all it takes is a little time. One of the simplest and most effective ways of finding a number, cell phone or landline, is to simply enter it into whatever search engine you use. There are a huge number of places online that a certain number might be listed, and a good search engine will probably find it for you in a matter of milliseconds. If it is anywhere online, whether on a blog, a social networking website, or a business site, you will be able to find it. You may need to try certain tricks like leaving out the area code to help along the search.

But sometimes a simple internet search won’t be enough, and you may have to go to an online cell phone directory. The information from these sites are not always current, and sometimes you will hardly find anything, but they are worth looking at if you have a few minutes. You could also go to a volunteer directory, where people list their info voluntarily and you can snoop around without paying anything. If the person hasn’t volunteered any info, though, then you will have to go somewhere else.

And this is where phone lookup sites could possibly come in handy. You can find a surprising number of them for free, and they will give you all the information they have about the numbers and people you are searching for. You have the option of entering a name of someone you know and getting any information that exists in the site’s databases.

The free sites may not be as conclusive or thorough as the paid ones. If you want to use a reverse cell phone lookup service, then you will have to pay the fee. There will probably be some situations in which you will find yourself needing to look even deeper into the matter, as nothing has come up. There will be some numbers which you simply have not been able to find any other way, and you may just have to suck it up and pay the fee the paid sites require. Usually it will be worth it, as these sites have more in depth information as well as a greater database of numbers. If you can’t find it there, then it will be pretty hard to find it anywhere.

There are these kinds of sites for other things besides cell phone and landline phone numbers as well. Sites containing archives full of criminal records, police files, arrest records, and other court documents can be found online as well, and will probably charge a small fee for the information you need. If you haven’t been able to traced the number in any of the above ways, and you feel there is a serious need to, you could even go so far as to hire a private investigator to find the number for you.

It may surprise you how hard it is to find a cell phone number these days, what with the internet and modern technology and all. But because cell phone numbers are a very private thing, cell phone companies have never really made the numbers available for free. Some think cell phone numbers should be kept private to keep stalkers and harassers away from cell phone users. A paid cell phone lookup service needs to be verified, and the identity of those running it needs to be confirmed as wholesome and honest. Paid phone number lookup services are often the best option because, while they require a small fee, they also are much more trustworthy and reliable.

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