Some Thoughts on Defining and Creating Quality Content

by Baba

As many website owners will attest, the importance of quality content on a site cannot be overstated. Search engines are getting more defined in their reading, and sites that want to continue ranking well on searches must have relevant, live, quality content.

We all want our sites to be quality. No one wants to administer a site that is poor in quality. But, the term “quality content” might still be a bit of a mystery to you. You may wonder exactly what that term means. Basically, it is content articles, videos, links and pictures, relevant to your sites’ purpose. Something that informs, entertains, educates or provides your sites’ visitors something useful, and keeps them coming back.

The World Wide Web is a very competitive place, and one in which people move distrustfully. In order to have any relevance to people, and to build a site following, you have to establish yourself as reliable, and consistently deliver stuff of relevance to your sites visitors. Or, even for a time, just to yourself. You may sit there basically flirting with search engines, trying to gain their notice and favor, before your site garners any flesh and blood cyber visitors. That’s okay.

In time your efforts will pay off. As people continue searching the web for the type of content your site contains, your site will begin to climb in ranking. The quality content you have been posting will build popularity with search engines, and possibly get you known by word of mouth as well. Once your reputation is established, you will begin to reap the rewards for your efforts. This is where you will begin to be noticed, and eventually be able to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Consistent quality content will establish you as reliable and will ensure traffic to your site. The other hoped for result are the natural incoming links. When other sites link to yours, it invariably raises the traffic you can expect. The links draw search engine’s attention to your site, and raise your rankings considerably.

Keywords are part of what makes your content push your site to higher rankings. Identifying specific words pertinent to your site that are frequently searched, and targeting these words in your writings and postings will keep your site and content going in the right direction. Use keywords properly, trying to make them naturally occurring in the articles where they appear, not stuffing or stacking them into incoherent paragraphs. This is not quality content, and will not help you establish yourself.

In your efforts to create good stuff to put on your page, you have to remember that there are consequences to the unethical route. If you aren’t putting up unique content, you will likely be cast out by the search engines, who are surprisingly discerning. Search engine algorithms analyze the content, and if it doesn’t pass Copyscape, or if it is not genuine, it is discarded. Some things that get you penalized are:

  • automated site submissions
  • link farms
  • invisible text

Avoid these practices and anything that seems similar, and you will see your SEO efforts rewarded.


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