Adsense High Paying Keywords Truth Revealed

by Baba

Are you looking for High Paying Keywords for adsense ? The CPC  you see isn’t the truth. You may see CPC value $100 but you will not get paid even $1 per click for the same keyword. I am revealing the truth about adsense high paying keywords today.



Watch The Video below to get started …

So, you can see in the video above, the adword tool and any other keywords tool which show CPC value are the value which advertisers are paying for search result ads, not contextual network ads. If you ever ran adwords you will see option of checking contextual network which means our websites.

Mesothelioma is often known has very high paying keyword but the contextual targeting tool shows it has almost n/a CPC and the maximum CPC for contextual network on this niche is $3-4. Whereas keyword tools / spyfu shows it has CPC of $100 around. So, you should understand that these information completely misleads.


How to Get the best High Paying Keywords ?


When you are building a niche website you will want your niche to be around high paying keywords so that creating quality articles and getting traffic to it will make you handsome money. It is always fantastic to see you have 3 clicks only but earning is over $100. But please understand this doesn’t happen. 🙂 You may occasionally get $30 per click which is very rare. However, if you do good research then your average ad sense CPC will be $1-2 which is indeed very good money.

Google has introduced contextual targeting tool inside keyword tool. Using that option, you can find the actual and real CPC advertisers are willing to bid. The other benefits of this tool is it reveals more and new keywords that is not shown by keyword tool. You can go deeper and deeper into many layers to find amazing keywords.

You may be paying 100s of $$ for high paying keyword lists or consultation services or research ebooks for gurus. Even by paying you are not getting the true value which can be disappointing. I have published this video to help you guys find the truth. So often, we have the tools but we are not aware about it or don’t know how to use. This contextual targeting tool from google is absolutely free to use. Start using it to find the true cpc value and estimate your earnings for the niche.

I have created a course which guides you on how to find profitable niches, create good quality website and content, optimize the website, get ranked in top of google and get paid handsome money via adsense every month. If you are interested you can contact me. It costs only $100 and the information may be  valueless and also the best ! Valueless for those who are well known will everything or earning more than $20k per month …If you are earning good why waste your time purchasing the course, downloading it and going through ? But this can be goldmine and priceless for those who are struggling or earning only few 100$ per month.


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Kirsten June 9, 2013 at 11:07 am

Great article. Thanks for sharing this important information and adding the video. I had no idea about the contextual targeting tool.


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