” Spam ” : Greatest problem in social sites.

by Baba

Spamming has become the greatest problem in all social sites. Myspace has now become the spamming toolbox for blackhat marketers. Digg has become the platform to index site within few minutes. Twitter ? It is full of spam these days ! Similarly, all of the social sites are used more for spamming and owners are unable to control it.

Is it possible to control Spamming ?

I don’t see any chance of controlling spam. Forget about the popular social media sites, even a small blog with few post is attacked highly by spammers. Whatever we try to control spammers will find loophole and enter. We, can find spam and delete them or also can use various spam controlling methods but social media sites can’t do that because of mass users and they cannot control mass users because there will be no use of social sites without mass users. Their aim is to make mass users so that they can claim we are biggest social media site in the world.

Let people spam, what does it matter ?

Well, we may also think that what does it matter if people spam on these sites ? It really doesn’t matter unless you are a active user of these social sites. Just guess you are following 40000 in twitter and you will be getting 1000 tweets in a minute and 90% of them will be spam. How are you going to find the 10% useful tweets that you would love to read ? Its not possible. Also, talking about digg, there are rules that you can’t submit porn, can’t promote story, can’t have two accounts from same IP and you see many porn sites submitted daily there. Many spam digging there and many creating hundreds of account from same internet using different IP. It really makes you feel bad because you are following rules are are also active user. This is just two example, there will be 100s ..

So, guys the conclusion is spamming can’t be stopped in social media sites. If you have any ideas please post as comment.

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