Joined ShoutWire, Will be active there.

by Baba

Guys, yesterday i was searching for digg alternative and found It seems petty new and less active but i joined the small family. I am feeling good with it though i don’t yet have friends there as i had in digg. I will do my best there to help the small community.

Digg is King, till when ?

It is fact that digg is king of social media sites. Also, it is not possible to make it down. In fact, it is growing day by day and being powerful day by day. It is good community though and i can understand that managing bigger community is very difficult task. Digg is equal to big G google now. Google is king of search engines and digg of social media. But at least we should try to compete with it. There are several other competitors of digg like reddit, SU, mixx but i don’t see them as active as digg. There is no answer of the question till when digg will be King of social media sites. May be forever ! 🙂

Shoutwire compared to digg

I think shoutwire will be really easy to reach for us. We can share our problems with the community easily, they will reply ASAP and will help us. Also, there is possibility that it will be growing and will be bigger community soon. I can see 15 votes within 24 hours which is petty good. Also, most popular article has near 4000 views ! That is also okay for new community although it is nothing compared to digg – It has future for sure. 🙂

I will try my best to help the community ! I also request you to be help me in this case.

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