Social Media Monitoring with Simplify360

by Baba

The amount of data exchanged over social communities is quite overwhelming. Even if we were to monitor these social media sites day in and day out, we would not be able to cover a fraction of information shared. It becomes very important then to take help from tools to track conversations. Even though the market is suddenly flooded with tools to monitor online data, there is always something that can be done better. With this thought, we are giving Simplify360 a try. The product claims to be a social media monitoring, engagement and analytics application.

We are going to look at the monitoring part of the application and how useful it can be for brands to use simplify360 for tracking their presence online.

The application is fairly simple to use and presents a customizable dashboard once you login which can be configured as an engagement console.

Brand Monitor starts tracking conversations just a few minutes from the time you feed the keywords in. The keywords are then tracked all over the online space and presented categorized as Tweets, Facebook Updates, Facebook Search, Blogs and News. The sentiment presented is quite accurate and there are various filter options for users to narrow the conversations down by parameters such as location, sentiments and language etc. The dashboard presents the statistics in a nice order and provides lots of drill downs.

Actions can be taken on the updates as you could choose to reply to someone talking about your brand, friend him, block him etc right on the dashboard itself. The application also has a very nice team flow which allows multiple users to work together in the system and assigning the task gets very easy.

Simplify360 provides a simple to use and powerful brand tracking. It is certainly a must try for any marketer.

Written by Sweta, COO of InRev. InRev is the owner of the Social CRM product, Simplify360 <>. Sweta is a Social Media Enthusiast and a passionate Analyst.

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