Google Penalized Your Site for Spamming ?

by Baba

Hello Folks

There has always been very high level of discussion on will google penalize a website for spamming. People simply say its not true because if it used to penalize then i would use it to my competitors. But the correct answer is YES ! Google will penalize your website if you spam. Indeed it will. 100% you will be penalized. No need to argue here, just believe or else go and fu*k yourself.

How will google penalize my website for spamming ?

Google checks from where and how the backlinks are coming. If you blast 1000s of backlinks with software, post your links in 1000s of so called private blog network or anything that is known as blackhat or spamming then you will be kicked out for sure. Of course it depends on the previous trust of a website and the competition level of keyword.

WTF does that mean ?

Yes yes, i will tell. If your keyword is very tough then google’s real employee will be monitoring each website. Heard about Matt Cutts ? What if i rank #1 for “seo expert” ? Won’t google employee know ? Won’t they check my website ? and if they found suspicious they will simply kick.

Then i will Spam to penalize it.

Yes, you will say this thing. I know. Digg is already reputed and trusted website. There are tons of trusted and authority website and whatever you do they won’t get penalyzed. As i said earlier, depending upon your trust with google and the competition level penalization occurs.

Mainly this is risky for new website. New website will spam hard, get #1 ranking and then kicked off. Google will also kick off if your site was not liked by people which is determined by bounce rate/time on website. Google may rank a new website very high at first to see user behavior.

So, do natural things, don’t be greedy about rankings. Run smoothly, don’t try to cheat people and google. DO NOT spam.

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