Smoking is injurious for health.

by Baba

We all know that Smoking is injurious for health but we do smoke ! Why is it so ? After knowing that it is bad also we do many things in our life. We never want our kids to smoke but we ourselves smoke. This is really ridiculous. Yaa..This is in fact called habit. We can rarely change our habit. If we are habituated in smoking then we won’t be able to quit smoking. This is in each and every case not only in smoking. Our habit can rarely change ever.

How do we start smoking ?

When we start we never care about how it will be ended and what is going to happen in future. Especially in young age. Generally we start smoking with the force of our friends. We meet with different types of people in our life and we think that people who are able to threaten others are hero. We generally try to like them and follow what they do thinking that we will like them rather than finding what i am and what i can do. When we are near then we will surely accept their offer and we start smoking and feel ourselves like a great person. Meanwhile, we will be habituated of smoking and we never know about it.

Another reason of smoking is depression. Whenever person is depressed about something like : Girlfriend issue, family matter, economic matter then he starts smoking. He feels relief in first few days and never thinks about what is going to happen to future. He never thinks that he will be habituated of smoking.

The reason is when some youth sees elder person smoking then he try to follow it thinking that i also will be elder. This leads him to a black path.

How to quit smoking ?

When we are habituated its petty hard to quit but its not impossible. We can easily quit smoking if we are serious. Firstly, we will have avoid loneliness. Try to be with good friend who don’t smoke and i am sure you won;t be smoking as much as you used to. this doesn’t mean that you will have to totally be out of contact with your old friend who smoke. Meet them occasionally and smoke with them but try to be far as possible. They may say you why are you far these days buy in fact they really don’t care about it.

Whenever you are depression try to share your problem with your family or friends and find out solution to it. Never keep your feeling inside your heart. Sharing your feeling would be the best way and trust me it will help you a lot.

Study books and biography about great people. Yes, and then you will know that even they used to smoke but they realized it was bad and how they left smoking.

Note :Baba (I) used to smoke lot few years ago but these days i smoke hardly one cigarette in a day and whnever i smoke i smoke Surya Gudang Garam.

Cheers guys and comment are welcomed as always ! Lets quit smoking !

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sivachandaprabu March 11, 2012 at 10:58 am

every man if they thinking own, smoke is injurious to health then easy to relief from smoke..

that is self confident. really possible with every man also women if they are thought…


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