Quality Content is No.1 formula for SEO

by Baba

Today i thought to talk about quality content and its role in SEO. Generally, we try to cheat search engines and always think that how can we defeat it but if we think on how can we be successful without cheating in a simply way then only we will succeed. This is fact for our each activity. If we think on how to defeat other then we will rarely win but if we think on how to win then there is less chance of defeating.

Quality content here doesn’t refer to high level English article without any errors but it refers to your aim of writing. If you write for humans feeling yourself as a reader then you be able to create quality content. Talking about myself, my quality of English language is poor but people can understand what i am trying to say. But, i never write for my other sites. I have high quality writers who write. Since this is my personal blog i have to write myself here mostly. Only few articles here are written by other.

Why not to use spin articles and then use ?

Most of us use PLR articles in our sites which are rich in keyword and we think that google will never know about it and we will rank well in search engine. But we forget about people. You may rank No. 1 in google with your duplicate article but people read it they won’t be satisfied and then come back from your site. Google has algorithm that analysis how many people returned back from your site and how much time did they spend on your site. When there is frequently drop in time on site and people are returning back from your site your ranking will start dropping. This means you only get temporary ranking by using duplicate content.

It is hard to find unique content, when i find some topic then i see it is already in internet.

That is true but we can think of some unique title and then start. If someone has article posted with 7 tips for …… then you find some more tips and then make article with 12 tips for ….. but don’t just copy paste the 7 tips mentioned on the article you found. You find your own 12 new tips. In this way you can create unique content. Always try toy to use your own idea on article, if you are hiring any writer then tell him/her clearly about it.

My article is Unique, it is copyscape passed.

Most of us think that copyscape passed article are unique but its totally wrong concept. First you read the article and imagine that it is not in your site but in some other site. Are you satisfied with it ? Will you be visiting the site again for new articles ? if the answer is YES then only your article is copyscape passed. Copyscape will only make your article unique for search engines not for humans.

Write for HUMANS now for SEARCH ENGINES.

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