No. of OutBound Links and Google Page Rank

by Baba

Number of links that are in the particular web page is known as outbound link and the main affecting factor for google pagerank is total number of outbound links. Lets say, you have a PR7 backlink and in a simple way you should be getting at least page rank 5 but this is only in case you have less than 5 outbound links. If you have 50 outbound links then you may only get PR1. This is because the Page Rank will be shared with your outbound links. This is why when you start selling links your page rank will start dropping !. To maintain your page rank value you should always be building backlinks of your inner pages as well. Whenever you create a inner page create at least 20 backlinks for it from high pr pages. If you have any problem or have no time to create backlinks then just click here : SEO Services and then i will be helping you. But it is best if you create yourself. We will be discussing about how to create backlinks from high PR pages in this blog.

The best way will be only selling few links from your page. If you have PR4 page then sell only 2 links. This will keep your outbound link below 10 and there is very less chance of your page rank being dropped. Not selling link would be best way but we all want to earn money from our website. In this case better sell 2 links only but sell them in very high price.

Another point to be noted is you should find pages with less outbound links while commenting on blogs. Because the pages with lots of outbound links are valueless. The pagerank of such pages will surely drop in next google pagerank update. So, if you see PR6 this time then after a month it can be Pr1 or 2. Also, you will not be getting the backlink value.

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