Purchasing Links from High PR Pages.

by Baba

Today, we mostly purchase link from niche related high PR sites to boost SEO and PR. But the problem here is good links are always expensive and you may not be able to purchase links forever unless you earn good. People are selling PR4 links for $20 permanent or even cheaper but these links are totally useless. Either they are dropped domain or there is something wrong. A good PR link will cost you minimum $30 a month and its fair price. A pr7 link will cost you $150 to $250 a month. We can not expect PR7+ link to purchase. However i find people selling PR8 and PR9 backlink also. I would like to request you never to buy such links and never to buy more than 5 links. The main focus of buying link should be to get PR for your and not to boost your search engine ranking.

Best Deal – Purchase one PR6

Purchasing PR6 link in long term would be best deal. You have to be very careful about the site history, its content and reputation before purchasing links. You will get PR6 link for about $100 a month and if it has low OBL it will make your site PR4 which is good deal. You can earn $100 by selling links and pay your charge.

Never search for cheap links

You may find cheap links being sold in various forums like digitalpoint, warriorforum but never purchase such links. As i mentioned above they are either afraid of being their PR dropped or they have a dropped domain or they are going to sell site or close site etc etc. There can be various reason behind.

Never deal on more than 3 months

No one knows what is gonna happen in next google update. The PR6 site can be PR1 in next update so dealing for more than 3 months is not recommended. This is benefit for both the parties.

No need to purchase relevant links, but its better if we have one.

Though you don’t find relevant links no problem. You can purchase link if it fulfills other requirements. Its always better if you get relevant link. Also try to check that all sold links from that site are also relevant for better results. I have found relevant links helping much in SEO but not in PR.

Contact Webmaster directly : Best option.

Try to search sites yourself and then contact webmaster and then have a deal. This would be best way rather than contacting a person in network.

Well, i have mentioned main points here and if some points are missed you please mention it in comment. I will update here too.

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