Make Money Blogging

by Baba

Blogging has become most popular way to earn money online but most of us are unsuccessful here. The main reason behind is lack of idea and knowledge. Business is business everywhere either it is while selling potatoes or making money online.

When can i earn money by blogging ?

Whenever people start blog they start searching about making money blogging and then start trying to earn rather than thinking how to make my blog better. This is one of the main reason why we are unsuccessful. Firstly, think about making your blog unique than others and try to make it best. You will have to never think about how to make money blogging. People will start contacting you. If you just after money then you will never be successful. Generally, it will take 6 months time for you to start earning money by blogging. Assuming that you are working on blog daily.

Earn money with AutoBlog ?

AutoBlog may give you good money but it is blackhat method and like in our real life it is black way of earning money. You are cheating people and earning money. You make people that there is good and unique content in your blog but when they visit they will find nothing ! isn’t it cheating ? yes, but you need not feel guilty setting up a autoblog and earn money. Because it is not only your fault. If search engines would ignore autoblogs then you could have done nothing. So, be cool and set up autoblog if you want to earn few bucks without doing hard work. But, your site won’t be popular among people being popular in search engine. Also, search engines also may ignore you one day.

Invest on your blog

Everywhere we will have to invest. Whatever business we plan investment is must. While blogging you should have a budget of around $1000 to get started with. There is no problem if you don’t have that much budget. You can start with even $50 but $1000 is average budget calculated.

Where to Invest ?

Firstly, you will have to buy a domain name. Then after purchase a good quality hosting. You can get free hosting also but it is not recommended. You will surely need daily content for your blog and if you are unable to write like me then you will have to hire a writer. Quality writers will be charging high but to get started you can buy cheap articles. This will cost you $2 each for about 500 word article. It is awesome if you can write yourself.

Update your blog regularly.

Update daily if possible if not weekly at least.This is the point that many gurus are talking. One of them is John Chow. Many people are following his ideas and making money online but now it is time to be unique. Try to be different than other if you want to be successful. Only your idea if mixed with other will make best product.

The points i mentioned above are already discussed everywhere on internet. But my point is try to be bit different or add some new idea here. Always remember that making money is never easy. I am SEO expert and i handle few projects daily. I am still unable to establish my own sites due to lack of time and earning few hundred dollars every month that is just enough to maintain my life expenses. I have been in Internet World since past two years. So, you will also have to be patient. I used to spend more than 10 hours a day in cyber searching how to make money. But i could never earn a dollar. But i was never hopeless. I will be posting how were my first days on Internet when i dreamed to earn high.

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Nishi Shah August 1, 2011 at 10:23 am

will u please suggest me which is the best pay per click sites..there are dozens of websites online but it seems they all are scam and dont pay money i want to make money at home through pay per click sites like bux site ,ptc site i want to know which is the best pay per click site and i dont own any commercial site so i am looking online job that doesnt need to have own website for work .


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