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Little toy cars have always been a favorite of young boys and girls.  It gives them a feeling of being a grown up.  However, parents know that this usually means you need to put out a lot of money because the battery powered cars require a lot of batteries for only a few hours of fun.  If you end up buying the toy cars that require the kids to pedal their way through the halls or pavements around you, kids can become tired or exhausted, and you’d have to push their little car around.  That’s definitely no fun.

However, purchasing a toy car doesn’t have to be a burden on you or your child.  The PlasmaCar is a toy car that you and, of course, your child will enjoy.  There are no batteries needed in order for it to work.  Your child will not have to push off on the ground or pedal just to get it moving.  The features that make this toy a great gift to have are:

• No batteries or charging – You don’t have to waste an endless amount of money just to buy batteries or charge the toy for a few hours just to have a limited time of fun.

• No pedaling or gears – Your child does not have to make contact with the floor to push the car forward, and there are no pedals to tire out his little feet.  You just have to turn the steering wheel from left to right in an active motion, and the toy moves on its own.

• It is durable – The car is made of AVS plastic, so it is durable and sturdy.  You won’t have to worry too much about it falling apart or breaking down.  It’s really made to last.

• 200 lbs weight limit – While this toy is made for kids, older children and adults are also able to give it a spin.  Adults will truly enjoy playing with their kids.

• Great for indoor and out – You can use the car inside the home or outside.  So if you have a meeting outdoors but need to bring your child with you, there’s no need to fret.  They can be entertained with their toy car while outside.

• Winner of several awards – You’ll be at ease to know that this car has been named and nominated for several awards including Toy of the Year for Outdoors in 2006.  It’s safe and fun for children of all ages.

This amazing toy car has given children and parents a thrill.  And with the several color options available, you’re guaranteed to find the PlasmaCar for you or your child.

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