LEGO Police Station 7498

by Baba

LEGO has always provided toys and sets where children can use their imagination without having to worry about missing pieces.  For children who dream about being the hero cop someday, LEGO’s Police Station is a wonderful gift to give.  This set has over 730 parts and pieces including:

• Characters – In the world of cops, a police station cannot be without the good guys and the bad.  There are 2 bandits or robbers, 4 cops, and a police dog.  Your child will love using his imagination, giving names to the characters and making them act out a police scene.

• Vehicles – Included in the set are a police bike, a prisoner transport vehicle and the police car.  You’ll love hearing your child make the appropriate siren or car noises when the cops are trying to catch the bad guys.  These vehicles will help assure that the cops do get the robbers.

• Police station command center – How can a Police station be complete if there isn’t a command center to help dispatch the officers to find the bad guys?  The details of the command center include the computers for your child’s entertainment.

• Jail Cells – When a bad guy gets caught, they need to be locked up.  This police station has two holding cells to hold each robber.  They’d be locked away to prove that crime does not pay.

• Accessories – You can’t have a cop without handcuffs or a dog without a kennel.  No Police station would be without an evidence room or even a wanted poster.  LEGO has made living the life of a cop in the mind of your child complete.  The bad guys have their crowbars to use as weapons or tools to escape.  The police men have their guns and radio, even a leash for their police dog.

• Durability – LEGO uses only the strong, durable material to ensure that each and every piece is not easily broken.

Kids and parents have raved about how much fun and entertaining the LEGO Police Station has been.  Not only can you and your child piece together this amazing LEGO set into a 3 story police station, but you can also appreciate the details that have been included in this set.  There is a mug shot room for the bad guys to be pictured.  There is a helipad above the police station for the police helicopter to land on.  You even have two driveways to park your police vehicles.  With every LEGO piece adding details to the Police Station, your child is going to have a blast playing and using his imagination.

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