Scrabble Flash Cubes

by Baba

If you are looking for a game that really uses your brain, Scrabble has always been one of the favorites.  However, traveling with a scrabble board game can be quite a challenge.  Playing in the car is inconvenient with the bumps in the road, you’re bound to have a messed up board.  But Hasbro has made playing Scrabble on the road much easier with Scrabble Flash Cubes.

Scrabble Flash Cubes are the portable, electronic version of the ever famous Scrabble game.  Basically, you just have to build your words using the tiles.  Every time you create a word, the device beeps and flashes.  You’d have tons of fun playing on your own or with other players.  To break it down to details, the reasons why you should buy Scrabble Flash Cubes are:

•  Electronic version of Scrabble.  You don’t have to worry about losing any of the letters or the board.  You won’t need to worry about the bulkiness of the board game when you are traveling.  This device fits in the palms of your hands.

• It is lightweight.  Weighing approximately 1.1 pounds only, this amazing game can be taken anywhere.  You won’t have to worry about taking too much room in your bag or lugging around a heavy game.  You can even put it in your bag when you get tired of playing with it.

•  It is easy to use.  If you make out a word, you don’t need to refer to a dictionary.  When the letters touch and the device reads the word you make out, it lights up and beeps to indicate that it is a real word.

• There are 3 different game styles.  You could play alone with Scrabble Flash.  You can play with multiple players in Five Letter Flash and Pass Flash.

•  You can build up your vocabulary.  Because this game makes you think of words to spell out and create, your child’s and your vocabulary is bound to increase and get better.  You’ll learn knew words as well.

Word building with Scrabble Flash Cubes has never been more fun and easy.  One happy consumer raved about how great the game is and very “addictive.”  Another consumer stated, “It was fun from the very first game I played.”  It’s very easy to use, you get to enjoy playing the game, and you develop a good vocabulary.  There is no reason good enough not to buy Scrabble Flash Cubes.  It is well worth purchasing.

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