Mass Profit Sites Review – Worth the Money?

by Baba

In a world of get-rich-quick schemes growing on the internet, it isn’t shocking news that many consumers have become very cautious of money making “opportunities” on the web. However, before anybody passes judgment on Mass Profit Sites, let’s take an open-book approach and see what this product is all about and how feasible it is in providing bottom line profit.

What are Mass Profit Sites?

The concept is simple: to activate and place advertisements on a website, along with SEO optimized content. The actual Mass Profit Sites software basically scans and searches Clickbank, highlighting the top search terms and items that people are shopping for, then places these search terms and advertisements on your website; you make money directly from advertisements. Once activated, the website is literally on auto-pilot and claims to make website owners hundreds of dollars per day with only 5 minutes of work per day.

The cost of the software is $197 and the more sites you purchase, the more money you can make according to the system. The Mass Profit Sites software automatically generates affiliate websites after the user fills out three fields and clicks four buttons. It is very easy to use and the theory behind the money making process isn’t hard at all to understand. The question that most consumers have is: “Am I going to really make money with this product, or is it just another scam?” However, that’s for individuals to discover for themselves. The software is real, the money making opportunity is based on selling advertising which is real and the process is very simple – which again is real. Let’s discover how this process actually works:

The Membership Area

Once you’ve paid $197 for instant access, you will enter the typical user information such as your email address and your Clickbank account information. If you don’t have an account with Clickbank, don’t worry, you’ll be provided with a link that will take you there to get signed up. The next thing you do is enter your Amazon affiliate ID. Once again, if you don’t have one, you can access the sign-up page by clicking the link provided. The Amazon affiliate ID is optional.

After you are done with the basic registration process, the next thing you do is click a button and the software generates a website based on a HOT item from Clickbank, and then the software generates a website URL for you to use. Once you hit ‘select’, your website is generated and you are done. Just sit back and make money (according to the plan).

The next step is drawing traffic to your website and hoping that your visitors click the links to the advertisers that are placed on each website. There are many ways to do this such as e-mail marketing, social networking and search engine optimization.

Some Drawbacks of Mass Profit Sites

Just like most things in life, there are some negatives that many users will find when using Mass Profit Sites. Firstly, there is no way for you to know exactly how many people are visiting your website vs. the amount of people clicking the links. This isn’t effective for those who are number crunchers and like to generate reports on how their business is doing. There are also no analytic options for users to access; another drawback to using a simplistic ‘money making’ website. According to the founders of the software, the purpose is to keep the process as simple as possible; putting in extra features takes away from the “plug and go” concept.

It would be nice for Mass Profit Sites to have options available for people to maximize their website performance; but this is just not a part of their business model.

The software does come with a technical support page, a frequently asked questions section and what they call ‘a special bonus feature’. This feature includes several products which are developed to drive traffic to your website. These products include: Blog Mayhem Traffic Maximizer, Rabid Traffic Recycler, Total Twitter Takeover and Article Marketing Advantage. Obviously each product has a specific purpose and each user can determine which ones are better for their individual use.

Pros and Cons

On the positive side…

  • The Software is rather affordable with a one-time fee of $197
  • It’s very easy to use
  • This program allows you to automatically generate the content for your website
  • The websites are fully automated and user-friendly
  • If you generate enough traffic to your page, the income possibilities are boundless
  • Good for both beginners and seasoned pros alike
  • 24/7 customer support
  • There is a 60-day money back guarantee that comes along with the purchase

And on the negative side…

  • There are no user options to enhance your site – you are basically at the will of the software
  • There are no analytics available to monitor site performance
  • All money that is earned is entirely based on how often people click your advertisements


As we said at the beginning of this review, each of these ‘plug and go’ websites are often regarded as get-rich-quick schemes – most often by the naysayers who either don’t fully grasp the concept, have been scammed by some other smarmy “merchant” or have simply tried and failed in the past. Money isn’t earned by simply plugging in and hitting ‘GO’; it is earned by driving traffic to your website and having people click the advertising links – you get what you put into it.

If there was one thing that the Mass Profit Sites folks do wrong, it’s that they advertise how little time you need to put into your site to make money. Most people who have made a good return on their investment put in hours per day into social marketing, blogging and other sources to drive traffic.

Buyer beware applies in this case. Yes, the system works, and yes, you CAN make money, but only as much as the work you put into making the Mass Profit Sites program work for you.

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David Fernandez May 3, 2012 at 3:43 am

Hello. You stated above that the program allows for automated content. As I understand, it’s an OTO that we have to pay for to get automated content once per week. I would prefer to update manually my own content. Does the program allow us as owners of these websites, to have access to any options to monetize (example with CB HopAds via HopRSS) and more importantly to be able to post fresh content as often as I choose. Also, if we purchase the 7 day trial of the 50 site per day package – and decide we don’t want to continue with that package, can we keep as many sites as we were able to generate during the trial period (up to 350 sites)erate? Awaiting your replies. Thanks much.
Dave F.
ps, do you use the software? if so are you making any money at all with it?


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