My responsibilities have increased.

by Baba

As you all know after i quit my college forever i have been involved in SEO field and earning somehow to manage my expenses. I am also running a educational consultancy which is currently at loss. My father spent $100000 while establishing consultancy but due to various reasons it was unsuccessful but i am still hopeful. Now he doesn’t have any money to spend on. So, i will have to earn myself and then manage all expenses. I have calculates monthly $2500 expenses in total and it is not that tough to earn that amount but i will have to only concentrate on earning.

I was in great tension last night and was awake till 5:30 AM morning … i went to bed at 2 but when i looked at watch it was already 5:30 and i was still awake. I was worried on how to earn that much. I am soon launching (On New year probably) and i will have to spend on it also. I am searching for sponsor who could sponsor the site. I will do hard work on it, do seo, build traffic etc. Sponsor’s responsibility will be only to provide high quality content to the site by hiring high quality writers. I am planning to launch it with at least 5 writers so we will never have problem getting content. If anyone is interested please contact me.

Talking about earning, i have many plans of course but i am wondering about the worried created and responsibility .. When we have to earn ourselves and manage all the expenses we are much responsible in our work. This may not be true in all cases but in most of the cases it happens.

Why Keep My Plans Secret ?

I want to tell you about my plans too. I am planning to launch 10 sites together and do SEO for all of them together in one campaign. Due to lack of time i am making only 3 months initial campaign which should make all 10 domains PR4. All of them will be in different niche and my target will be to sell links. There is problem of content though ! I won;t be able to update my sites regularly… Ignoring that, i am giving priority to PR Only. I will be selling 5 links in each sites for $20 a month each.
Lets calculate the earnings Now.

5 Links in a site for $20 a month : $100
5 links in 10 sites for $20 a month : $1000 (Probably, no guarantee)

Hmm, Not Bad though .. But, my estimate of monthly expense is $2500 so i need $1500 more to sustain. So, it is not that easy for me to sustain. I will now have to work very hard.

Well, i will be updating this blog surely .. I will let you know all news about me, my lifestyle …

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Aditya February 28, 2010 at 11:15 am

I am very much interested to know hows everything going. You have launched one website (worldoffemale) and I would be happy to know the result.


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