Yahoo Loves On-Page Optimization

by Baba

Being second biggest search engine, yahoo, though follows 80% of the Google algorithm, wants to be different than Google in its ranking system. No one would use yahoo if the search results and ranking system looked similar. So, yahoo gives more priority to on-page optimization for its ranking. Black hatters say that it is much easy to get top 1 ranking on yahoo using blackhat methods. If there is high keyword density in the page and has even spam backlinks then it will be ranked No.1 on yahoo.

Why Yahoo Loves Onpage Optimization ?

As i said, it is only to be some different than google else there was no need to give such high priority to on-page optimization. If someone build spam article using high keyword density then it has high chance of being appeared in top of yahoo. Knowing this also yahoo loves it ! Also, yahoo claims that our system ranks websites according to their content which is best way of ranking in their words and even we believe that. When sites are ranked according to on-page optimization then people will find what they are in search of.

Positive aspects of giving priority to on page optimization

You might have found that while using google search engine, you won;t find what you are searching for. If you search “tips for make money online” then you will get affiliate pages and advertisements pages rather than getting the informatics pages. In each search term this problem occurs. If sites were ranked according to content then people would find what they are searching for and in this case yahoo is forward.

Negative aspects of giving priority to on-page optimization

There wouldn’t be any negative aspect if there was system to calculate the quality of content and then rank accordingly. But, ranking only according to the keyword density makes spammers very easy to get top ranking and it will help to boost the blackhat market.

At Last,

BlackHatter always try to get ranking in yahoo,bing and other search engines because they feel petty easy to get top ranking there. Google has penalizing system and it frequently changes its algorithm which makes blackhatters tough ! You should always look to on-page optimization and also do quality off-page optimization for best results because our aim is to get top ranking in google and yahoo including bing !

You may be confused with the article, if so please write your comments and ideas ! 🙂 If you need On Page and Off-Page Optimization just contact me and i will surely help you in case i am free.

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