WTF – I am ranked as No.1 twitter user in Nepal

by Baba

I looked and found that i was ranked No.1 ! It made me feel bad because Nepali people are very inactive in Internet world. Its true that there are more active user but they are using their country as USA or INDIA ..

I know there are many Nepali Twitter account but the problem is they are inactive. There are various reasons behind.

Main reason why Nepali people are In Active in Internet world

There is no Internet facility and it is expensive where it is available. People use cyber cafe for internet and few few only have connection at their home. However the data shows that there is 500% increase in the internet users every month in Nepal and they are connecting internet on houses.

Another reason behind is very slow internet connection. I am using the fastest available internet connection in my country which is 320 Kbps cable line. 512KbPs is also available in ADSL but it is not reliable and available easily to individuals. Biggest ISP provider in Nepal (Wlink ) has said that it will increase the bandwidth capacity within a month. I am expecting 512 cable till next month and 1MBPS next year. Lets see how it will go. OOO, i told only about me. 90% of the Internet users are using 56KbPs dial up connection which is really boring ..

Lack of knowledge

Those who have good facility of Internet connection Spend their time watching pron and chatting .. I find guys busy watching pron whenever they are accessing internet. If someone says i was using internet then they automatically understand that he watched porn or chatted .. So, parents here are afraid to join Internet connection. People use social networking sites like hi5,facebook also but they are only interested on chatting there too or talk about something naughty !

I am No.1 twitter user, what Now ?

Being No.1 on Nepal i am ranked ranked 63,487th worldwide .. Hmm this is also cool guys ! I am wondering that i am within 60k ? means i will soon be within top 1000 .. I just have 1k followers now and and such things happening …

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unlucky August 10, 2010 at 12:33 pm

fock baba pandey you still are earning from google adsense sorry i am not saying fock you but fock google adsense cause my adsense collapsed 3 times. First time with 64$ 2nd time with 10$ and 3rd time With 70$ fock google adsense, I hate google and adsense. I hate adsense advertisments totally. just wanna shot with AK-47 to all these adsense running mother fockers. I totally hate them
sorry for the words tottally frustrated. Lost my many years without anything. Developed deepresion due to this focking adsense. All my hard work are spilled like water.


Baba August 13, 2010 at 9:34 pm

Hey frustrated unlucky. I have approved your comment tho.. I can understand your feeling. But i don’t understand why u r saying f##k to me ? LOL LOL LOL LOL. Nice guy ..


Nima September 10, 2010 at 10:19 am

@unlucky: You cannot go straight way to earn with adsense..have to do every sort of things, good contents, somewhat unique, optimizing blog, promotion, promotion, promotion….if it was that easy, everyone would bank from adsense. I’m learning IM and trying out various methods for earning online. Join BHW and other forums bro… create more blogs on different niches..update at least in 2 weeks. Well. I’m just starting.. and at last apply for more than one adsense account, may be in brother, mother or father’s never know when google will hit you.


Rabin basnet December 3, 2011 at 10:22 pm

Bro how we can make website and make it famous?


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