MasterPlan of Earning $10k a Month

by Baba

Hello All,

I have come up with a MasterPlan to earn $10k Bucks a month from SEP 2010. Thinks are going very bad and i am in economic pressure. Lets say its being hard just to maintain the ongoing household income. I think now its time to buy house and have a car at least. I don’t see any possibility until i start earning $10k. Well, it may sound ridiculous/ wired but i have planned in that way. To be fair currently i am earning $700+ a month and jumping to 10k may sound like crazy within 6 months. However, i will be notifying about the status and updates about how things are going on.

What the fuck is my Plan ?

Well, i am not thinking it would be fair to expose now. Of course, if i was successful i will write a Ebook on it and give to you all. But i can’t say anything about unless i have reached the goal. of course its not related with SEO Stuffs. I am currently not handling any Serious/Big SEO projects rather working on my own sites. So, its all about earning from my own site. Ha !Not this site. This is my personal website and not a Money Site though adsence ads are displaying.

When i have targeted of 10k atleast i may earn 5k ? or even 3k ? lets see

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