My Adsence Income Exposed !!

by Baba

Last updated on September 28th, 2010 at 06:23 am


You all have noticed that i have been using adsence ad in this website. However, if you are clever enough you should be knowing that the ads are not actually placed nicely. They are sidebar ads and people rarely click on the ads. My this site is not adsence targeted website of course ! But i feel good and the sidebar ad is adding beauty to my wrebsite. Don’t you Think So ??

Adsence in My View

Today, 70% people target adsence as their main earning when they start a website and i say its good. The Google advertising system is most popular always and will remain. However, most of the adsence accounts are banned because many people want money quickly and use illegal ways like click fraud etc. Once banned in google ads can be compared with Osama captured by USA. What are the chances of being released ? Hehe

Adsence is good until you use fairly. I would advice you to think about generating traffic and impressing your visitors rather than thinking about earning money. Most of the people make mistake here. They login to their adsence account daily and check how much i earned today. $2-$3 is normal income and they are much worried about incresing it to $5 and then $10. They start using various methods like autosurfing, doing some SEO stuffs but rarely think about what people would like to see. Guys, people always like new ! Just little new and unique 🙂 Think about that.

My Adsence earning

I rarely login to my adsence account as its different than my usual email account. Today i logged in after 40 days. Ha ! What i saw was there was income generated. That was awesome. I never intended to earn from adsence and never made my site for adsence.  Basically I earn $0.00 daily i think.

Haha ! Its quite nice though ! Today earning is $0.00 What do you think about the $23.75 ? How many days earning may it be ? 15 days ? 1 months ? No No … Its of 6 months + 🙂 So, if things move on like this i will receive the first adsence check after 2 years. is that cool ? 🙂

How can you earn from Adsence ?

After posting the screenshot i felt like i am discouraging you. No, plz don’t be discouraged. You can easily earn $20 a day from adsence. I would not say you will earn $100-$500 a day. But working hard can give you $20 a day. I am talking about Normal websites with 1000 visitors daily. Well, getting 1000 visitors a day is not that difficult. You will need 50 articles optimized for the targeted keywords. getting well ranked in google for those articles will give you good organic traffic. Also, the organic traffic much important for adsence sites because they convert to high CTR.  People those came to your site from Search Engines are more likely to click on ads. In addition, bookmark your articles to popular social bookmarking sites and do some article marketing to get referring traffic. You will start earning good from adsence. 🙂

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