Cafereena Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal Review

by Baba

Oh !! I am a food lover !! I enjoy going to new restaurant and taste their food. Cafereena, located at durbarmarg kathmandu is one of the places where i visit frequently. When i went first to Shrepa mall (where cafereena is located), i thought it must be just a coffee/snack shop. Though i had heard about cafereena via internet, i didn’t think that such place could be cafereena. I mean it looked very simple from outside. So, i and my friend (we), rather went to other restaurant. later, i realized that it was cafereena and i went there with one of my other friends. 🙂


Belly MOMO is one of the main attractions at cafereena. Without delaying we ordered belly momo + few other varieties of momos. (Like nagarkot momo) .. Well .. It was disappointing…they took nearly half an hour to get us our food. 🙁 But when i took the first piece in my mouth i said “WOW” …:D This is the best momo i ever had . .really ..My friend was also surprised ..(who was actually very angry because of the delay).

I am small guy and can’t consume more food it was like “enough for today” .. But my friend ordered a burger !! He also was interested in drinking so ordered some vodka with cranberry juice. Sadly, waiter their said we need to buy full glass of juice !! I also thought to have lil drink ..I used to drink only blue label which was not available there. So, i ordered 60ml gold label instead. Drinks came very fast ! I had also ordered “french fry” which took sometime to arrive 😀


Burger was one of the best !! However, french fry there was something i didn’t enjoy .. Small pieces and too many .. My friend said “This is actual french fries” . .but i was habituated to have big pieces and honestly i didn’t enjoy there.


The best Part


In our first visit, waiters weren’t very friendly. May be because of our look ? (let me tell you, i look very very ordinary guy according to my dressup. hehe. People get surprised when i enter in some good restaurant.) …Food was awesome though .. which forced me to visit again .. ! After visiting 3-4 times, waiters started greeting us/me and started providing better service. They even brought foods quicker and took care of everything without  our saying. (i.e, when they saw glass of water empty, they filled immediately) .. Is that due to the tips i was giving ? hehe .. Don;t ask about tips here tho .. but for a hint, i give good tips when i am happy !! 😀


In context of Nepal, cafereena is one of the best and you should visit it once ! Lots of food choices are there  from Chinesse  (very few items), Italian, Indian, Continental …The best, according to me is MOMOS and BURGERS !! ++ Service ..The managers are great ..There is a old manager who has worked for more than 20 years. He is damn good guy. 🙂

You must visit cafereena and enjoy foods there. They could do much better by adding more bar items and foods but they are definitely one of the best with what they are providing …!

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Anya March 21, 2012 at 1:46 pm

Yo Baba! Loved your review!


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