Marketing Your Products the Video Distribution Way

by Baba

Video distribution or video sharing websites have been around for quite some time now but their popularity has just recently mushroomed mainly because of the easy availability of broadband internet services in many parts of the world. However video marketing requires that you take a different approach altogether to getting the word out about your products and services. People that visit these websites don’t expect to be bombarded with advertisements and unlike television they can simply just click to another video. This means that you need to give the viewer what he or she wants yet at the same time a gentle nudge towards whatever you are selling.

A cross between an infomercial and a how to

If you really want hundreds and thousands of views from people who actually decide to visit your website and purchase your product you need to be able to design your video so that it’s informative and very interesting to watch. The format needs to be a cross between an infomercial and a conventional advertisement. For instance if you were selling a fitness / exercise machine that toned the belly and helped people look ripped you won’t necessarily be displaying ripped people using the machine throughout the video which is normally the case with infomercials. You also just won’t start off boasting about how good the product is and then cut everything short.

A good format for a fitness related product would be is that you start off which giving some information on what it takes to get ripped abs. for instance you will talk about it taking months of regular hour long cardio, high protein low carb diets, avoiding sugars and excess sodium etc. You will when show some really ripped people revealing some of the exercises they have done with varying degrees of success over the years which at the very end will be followed by a short probably 2 minute long introduction to your exercise machine and how it can help people bypass all that hard work and dedication to get that lean hard look.

Getting people to view your video

Now just creating your video and uploading it is 40% of the effort the remaining 60% lies in you successfully backing up this video and driving traffic to it. You should post links and short descriptions of this video to fitness websites, blogs and forums. If you come across people asking questions about why they aren’t getting lean recommend that they watch this video etc. You can also create a community or group on places such as Facebook and direct traffic to your video from there. The whole idea is to push so much traffic to the website that your video begins to show up in organic search results of both search engines as well as on the video sharing website itself.

How effective can you expect your campaign to be?

Realistically speaking if you have done everything correctly starting from the production of the video right up to marketing it to the right people you should receive around 100,000 views in just under 30 days. Statically speaking 1% of these people will purchase your product this means that you should be able to make around a thousand sales. This is not bad considering that you won’t be spending much money creating, uploading, and marketing your video.

Maximize your investment

If you really want to take advantage of the video revolution you need to create a channel on leading websites such as YouTube. You should then upload videos at regular intervals all videos should be geared towards your particular niche. Don’t make the mistake of uploading videos of other niches you may be targeting this will just give people the impression that you are out there to advertise rather than give good and useful information. It really goes without saying that the more videos you upload the more visitors your website will get and in turn the more sales you will obviously make.


Taking video marketing methods seriously can really raise and take your business to the next level. However it does take some time to get everything to work correctly and this is why some companies hire professionals to make and market their videos.

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