How to get listed in DMOZ ?

by Baba

Hello folks, are your trying to get listed in DMOZ but being unsuccessful each time ? Are you resubmitting your website again and again with the hope that it will get accepted. No, that not really the good way. Getting listed in DMOZ is thought to be very useful for getting  a high quality quality and boosting SERP as it is Google Directory. But you are actually wrong here. The link from DMOZ is not valuable because it is google directory but because it doesn’t accept bad links. It is strictly edited by humans and only sites that meet the guidelines are approved.

Please read the DMOZ listing guidelines thoroughly before applying to get listed in dmoz. I would suggest you personally, not to take care much about getting listed in DMOZ, rather try focusing on your business, traffic and revenue. However, we all want to be in DMOZ. I know that because i myself have tried many times. I have few successful listings also. You need to understand what DMOZ is looking for.

– DMOZ is looking for new websites, unique websites.

– DMOZ is looking for professional websites with easy user interface.

– No, DMOZ is not looking for very attractive design. Simple design is great.

– DMOZ is looking for site that fits under the best category. Take more and more time to find the best category for your website.

– DMOZ doesn’t want you to submit your website every week. Just submit and leave for few months.

Please try making your website best for visitors in terms of content/interface. Try gaining authority and popularity so that others will recommend you for DMOZ. 🙂 Besides, there are many other high quality directories like and more. try getting accepted in other directories as well but mainly focus on growing your business.

I got an offer of GUARANTEED LISTING IN DMOZ for $50 or $250

Haha , no one can ever guarantee such things and don’t just waste your money. May be these guys will properly research the best suitable category and make good title/description for your website. And thats all ..

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