The Secrets Behind Traffic Sucking Videos

by Baba

When you think about searching for a video online the first thing that pops into your mind is Youtube or may even Dailymotion depending on the video you want to watch. With some videos getting millions of hits in mere weeks it’s no secret that if video marketing is done correctly it can really send server crumbling traffic to your website. However you also need to bear in mind that there are also unsuccessful videos out there, the truth isthat there isn’t a single silver bullet or formula which can be used to suck in traffic via your videos.

The techniques we are going to discuss in this article is for people who are familiar with creating and uploading videos. If you are not familiar with creating and uploading videos to YouTube there are hundreds of well written articles out there which can help you get up to speed on this. However just keep in mind that because YouTube and other video sharing websites keep updating their interface you should find the latest guide available.

Keep it fun, interesting and short

YouTube and other video sharing websites have a limit to as to how long the video should be. YouTube caps videos at just under 10 minutes. However the limits shouldn’t be the only reason to keep your videos short the other reasons is people’s attention span. Most people don’t want to watch videos longer than 5 or 6 minutes so you should cram all of your information within this timespan and get right to the point.

Here is a step by step checklist which should help you create your video:

1.       Start with writing out a script. This script should contain short catchy phrases ideally the keywords you are targeting.

2.       The next step is to create a storyboard. A storyboard can be created using a standard piece of video recording software.

3.       Rehearsal is the key to perfection, especially for newbies. Make sure that you get your lines straight before you head over for the final recording.

4.       It’s not important to use the most expensive recording equipment on the market rather it’s important to make sure that your audio and video is flawless.

Don’t Advertise

People don’t search video sharing websites for advertisements, they are looking for information. This is why it’s important that your videos not only be short but also be informational. Make sure that the person watching your videos walks away having learnt something. The secret to success is that the more information / unique information your videos have the more people will watch and recommend it. The chances of it going viral are high without much effort on your part.

Here is a checklist of what your videos should and shouldn’t contain:

1.       Your videos should be professional yet informal.

2.       Don’t keep talking about what you sell and how much you make etc. mention that at the very end and provide your viewers with a link.

3.       Refrain from slang, cuss words and racial jokes since you will have people from all over the world watching.

4.       Your audio should be clear so that people can understand what you are saying.

5.       Try to use graphical representations of what you are talking about to make things easier for people to understand as well as get them interested.

What to do after your video has been uploaded and approved?

The next step is to make sure that people know about your videos and watch it. You can tweet about it; post links on Facebook, and even create a page for it on MySpace. The idea here is to get it to the general public i.e. friends, family members, colleagues etc. so that they can further recommend it to people they know once they find it helpful.

Benefits of videos

Apart from the obvious exposure you will get on social networking sites and video sharing websites posting videos also help you in search engine results. Videos with lots of traffic and comments get indexed by search engines in mere days and they can start popping up on search engine results for the keywords you are targeting. This can send more traffic than you ever expected to your website.

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