Directory Submission Still Helps in SEO

by Baba

Directory Submission still helps lot in SEO. However, you will have to be able to choose the best category for your site to be approved and get good backlink. There are thousands of directories and submitting your website to most of these will give you solid backlink and these backlinks will be permanent. You will never have to worry about getting deleted unless you change your site itself to other format than it was while submitting.

How to find directories ?

Just use google : List of directories and you will find many. If you want advance search then use : “submit your site” in google with quota. You will get thousands.

How to choose the best category ?

Most of the directories have various category and you will surely find best category there. If not then choose the category that suits like if you have a hosting site and there is no hosting category then use the category Internet.

They ask for reciprocal link, what shall i do ?

Just create a webpage with few pages and content and use that for reciprocal link. You may use blogger or wordpress for this. If you feel bored doing then simply ignore the directories that ask for reciprocal links. Still you will be finding thousands of directories.

I have software that automatically submits my site to thousands of directories.

If you are too lazy then you may use this option. But i would recommend manual submission. If you don’t have time you can hire someone. Even i have guys who do directory submission. Just contact me and your work will be done.

Tips :

Create backlinks for your site using web 2.o sites like wordpress, vox and other free blogs. Submit all of your blogs to 1000 directories. You will see boot in your Search Engine Position soon.

1000 Manual Directory Submission only $150.

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