Link Building Service Searches Consistently on the Rise

by Baba

If you’re hoping to build a business on the Internet, then the best place to start is by being of service to other marketers. You can achieve this several ways – ghostwriting, virtual assistant, link building and more.

Ghostwriting is in demand more now thanks to Google’s recent Caffeine algorithm tweak, which measure freshness of content. Link building services are in high demand, too.

For two consecutive quarters, link building companies have been watching the keyword phrase “link building services” and have noticed a 20% increase in search volume. Backlinks are one portion of the overall SEO success of a company’s web presence.

Of course there needs to be stellar content, built on strategic keyword research – but gaining links back to your website continues to be an integral part of your findability factor on the World Wide Web.

The fact that the keyword phrase “link building services” has risen 20% for two quarters in a row shows that this type of service is in demand among consumers – primarily online entrepreneurs hoping to gain a foothold in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

If you’re hoping to launch a lucrative career helping others, link building can be your gateway to success. How do link builders provide a network of links to their customers? Through many means – including article distribution, submissions to directories, press release creation, social bookmarking and marketing, RSS feeds and more.

Google doesn’t award top SERP rankings based on inbound links alone. It also requires relevancy, freshness and quality among other things to be considered an authority site. A service provider who can handle all of these elements can rake in the money helping their customers get ahead of the competition.

You have to understand that with link building, it’s less about quantity and more about quality. If you know how to secure top quality backlinks for your prospective customers, you could charge more for your abilities.

There are many methods of backlinking. Some people buy backlinks from a service provider. Others invest in a tool that builds backlink on autopilot. Which method will you choose to recommend to marketers trying to build backlinks and why?

Then there’s the matter of canonicalization. This is when you instruct Google and other search engines to use one main version of a page on your site for their search results. If you know all of the ins and outs of this and other linking topics, it could give you stronger appeal to potential customers.

The main thing you need to know is that link building services are still in demand among Google Panda changes and other algorithm alterations. Make a plan for how you can capitalize on this quest for backlinks and then tackle it to achieve financial success!

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